The Star Festival 2019

  • 地元出身のヒーローFumiya TanakaからMarcel Dettmann、Shackleton、Powder、Foodman、Daniel Wang、そして初来日のOr:laまで、カラフルなラインナップを京都の美しい自然の中で楽しもう。
    Tomoko Naoshima
  • ▪️NOTICE▪️ >>> Advance Tickets / Wristbands -Only 2 day festival tickets are available. No ticket for 1 day. -Please exchange your ticket for a wristband at the gate. -There will be no reissue for lost wristband so please do not take it off during the festival and wear it all times. -The festival is still take place if it rains. In the event of cancellation due to natural disasters, tickets will not be refunded. -Tickets will not be refunded in the event of artist cancelations or changes. -Anyone under 18 years old must be accompanied by their guardian. Any children 12 years old or younger don’t have to pay. -Animals are allowed onto the festival site but please keep an eye on them. The festival does not take responsibility for any troubles caused by your pets. >>> Timing / Entrance -Gate Open time May 18 (SAT): 8am to 1am May 19 (SUN) May 19 (SUN): 7am – *The venue will be closed Saturday night after 12pm and you can not enter the site. Please come to the venue while the gate is open. -A shuttle bus will be running from JR Sonobe station to the venue (500yen/one way) -Alcoholic drinks or dangerous object will not be permitted into the festival. -Anyone found bringing illegal substances or engaging in illegal activities will be reported to police immediately. >>> Re-entry -Shuttle bus will be running from the venue to the JR Sonobe Station (¥500/one way) will be running., so please take the shuttle buses. -Springs Hiyoshi opens from 10am to 9pm. Please use a taxi or walk if you go to Springs Hiyoshi, When you return you will have to pay a Re-entry fee. -We will check your wristband at the gate so please do not take it off. You will have to buy a ticket again if you lose it. -The more information about the shuttle bus will be available shortly on the website. >>> Parking / Parking tickets -If you are coming to the festival by your car, you will need a parking ticket(¥2,000). -Please purchase a parking ticket in advance before they will be sold out. -You will need a parking ticket for motorcycles as well. -You will have to park outside the festival venue once the advance parking tickets are sold out. -Please follow the parking staff’s directions. -You will be able to go to your car during the festival but the parking ticket allows you a onetime entry only. -The festival is not responsible for theft or damage to vehicles or contents. -Drunk driving is a crime. Please do not drink intoxicated. Camping -There is no accommodation in the venue. Please bring your camping gear. -You can use the camping areas for free. -Please camp in the designated areas only. If you camp outside these areas, you will be asked by staff to move your tent. -No open fires are allowed in the venue. The venue is covered with beautiful grass. Please respect the nature and do not burn grass. -The festival does not collect the trash items. Please take all of your trash home with you. -Please do not drop your cigarettes on the floor. Please carry a portable ashtray if you smoke. -It can get cold in the mountains at night. Please bring warm clothes and rain gear. -There are some coin-operated showers in the venue. -The festival does not bear response of any good lost or stolen. -If you have any troubles, please come to the information center. There is a cloak (¥500) at the information center. -Please follow festival staff instructions at all times. Those who cause any disturbances or do not follow staff instructions will be ejected from the festival. >>> Shuttle bus 【depart from Sonobe station (nearest station)】 ※The shuttle bus runs about at hourly intervals 18th May (SAT) the first train 8:00 〜 22:00 last train 19th May (SUN) the first train 7:00 〜 18:00 last train 【depart from venue】 ※The shuttle bus runs about at hourly intervals 18th May (SAT) the first train 8:30 〜 22:30 last train 19th May (SUN) the first train 7:30 〜 18:30 last train [TICKET] 9,000yen 10,000yen (For 18th , 19th visitors) [PARKING TICKET] Parking ticket : 2,000yen From Osaka -> about 1 hour from Osaka to venue by car or train. From Kyoto -> about 40 minutes from Kyoto station to venue. 大阪から電車、車で1時間弱、京都駅から40分! ■ 電車をご利用の場合 京都方面よりJR山陰線園部駅下車、タクシーにて15分 JR園部駅と会場間をシャトルバスが運行します(乗車料金¥500) ■ 車でお越しの場合 国道9号線南丹市園部町内エッソガソリンスタンド、園部河原町交差点を右に曲がり、府道園部平屋線を直進。 南丹市日吉町内日吉大橋を右折 ( 案内板あり ) 9号線より約9キロメートル 京都縦貫自動車道園部I.C.左折 ( 案内板あり ) 約7キロメートル 会場内の駐車場は駐車台数に限りがありますので、必ず事前に各プレイガイドより前売り駐車券をご購入ください。 VENUE: スチール®の森 Kyoto 京都府南丹市日吉町天若上ノ所25番地 25, Kaminocho, Amawaka, Hiyoshicho, Nantan city, Kyoto, Japan 〒629-0334
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