Claydrum / Reinier Zonneveld [live] / Jonas Kopp

  • 2019 is the start of a brand new journey. A fresh year filled with a variety of wicked artists that needs a proper kick-off. Our idea for January was to start with someone who knows how to make you love filthy things. Reinier Zonneveld, currently one of the most supported techno producers, is notorious for his absolute destructive live performance. On the 26th, he's bringing his equipment to the South to show us how lethal exactly he can get. Headlining as well is Jonas Kopp, a spiritual man, who believes his music can bring people together. He is one of the most versatile and recognized multifaceted performers in the underground scene. Supported by Belgium Jeroen Meertens and our friend from local grounds Blames, we're looking at a night filled with filth ♥
  • Claydrum / Reinier Zonneveld [live] / Jonas Kopp - Flyer front