Future Terror 2018-2019

  • 毎年恒例となったDJ Nobu率いるFuture TerrorのNYEパーティーに、今年はDJ Stingray、Eric Cloutier、Synth Sisters、Mr. Hoといったゲストアクトが登場。脇を固めるレギュラー勢と共に、熱狂の渦の中で新年の幕開けを祝おう。
    Tomoko Naoshima
  • Here is the full lineup for Future Terror NYE 2018 – 2019 to be held at Daikanyama UNIT / Unice / Saloon. On the main B2 floor (UNIT), Eric Cloutier (Bunker NY), originally from Detroit and now based in Berlin, will join other previously announced artists DJ Stingray, Synth Sisters (live), Wata Igarashi (live) Haruka and DJ Nobu. The B3 floor (Saloon) will showcase deeper sounds from a selection of artists that play important roles in the local scene, featuring: Kurusu, Lynne, So, Chris SSG, Akiram EN, Masafumi Take and Takaaki Itoh. The B1 floor (Unice) will be organized again with Wiggle Room and will feature a long set from Mr. Ho, who is based in Hong Kong and one of the people behind Klasse Recordings. He will be joined by David Dicembre, Romy Mats and Mustache X. ⚠️You must over 20 with photo ID. ⚠️UNIT and Saloon floor is all non smoking, we will make a smoking space somewhere. ⚠️20歳未満の方の入場はお断りします。 ⚠️全てのお客様のご入場時に写真付身分証明書の確認を行わせていただきます。 ⚠️UNIT / Saloonフロアは禁煙とさせていただきます。
  • Future Terror 2018-2019 - Flyer front
    Future Terror 2018-2019 - Flyer back