Terra Incognita Feat. Call Super & Pangaea

  • 『なめらかな越境、他種の電子音が巻き込む新感覚』 ラテン語で“未開拓地”を意味するTerra Incognitaは、その名の通り、音楽性や世代など従来の構図を超越した先の新感覚を目指す。今回は共催に、多様な電子音楽を独自の観点でキュレーションする解体新書を迎え、シチュエーションの異なる三種のフロアで活気が伯仲する一夜を作る。あらゆる“ポスト”がひしめく2010年代を縦横無尽に切り拓いてきたCall Superと”Hessle Audio”のPangaea、国内きっての精鋭Mars89が登場。Contactでは、中国にルーツを持つカナダ拠点のレフトフィールドハウス新鋭Yu Suと、Haruka、やけのはらが多彩な選曲と確かなグルーヴメイクで魅せる。 「Smoothly crossing frontiers, new sense of incorporating other electronic sounds」 
 It will aim to transcend the conventional composition such as sound and generation following the title which means undeveloped area in Latin. The three floors with different situations will make a night with antagonized vitality, as greeting "解体新書(Kaitai-shinsho)" who curates various electronic sounds from original points of view. Call Super and Pangea from "Hessle Audio" who have pushed through various “post” genres of 2010s, will make their appearance. Mars89, the best pick from Japan, is scheduled to support the headliners.  In the Contact floor, a newcomer of left field house Yu Su from Canada who has routes from China, Haruka from Future Terror, and Yakenohara will enthrall the dance floor with colorful choices of music and solid grooves. Open 10PM ¥1000 Before 11PM ¥1500 Student (※学生証提示のみ) ¥2000 Under 23 ¥2500 GH S Members ¥3000 w/Flyer ¥3500 Door
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