Black On It Supported by Cocalero

  • 渋谷 BPM MUSIC BARで、毎週木曜日に開催されるウィークデーパーティ "BLACK ON IT" 。 白を基調とした店内を、光が反射することなく全ての色を吸収する黒で覆い尽くす... そんな独特な世界観と上質なダンスミュージックが漆黒の世界へと誘う。 日本が世界に誇るダンスミュージックユニット STUDIO APARTMENT の MASANORI MORITA とOUTERSPACE RECORDS 主宰し、日本のアンダーグラウンドシーンには欠かせない存在となった OSAMU M がレジデントDJをつとめ、今回はゲストに日本を代表するテクノアーティスト,昨夏ベルギーの世界最大フェス「Tomorrowland」に出演し話題となった KEN ISHII が登場! 東京の平日の夜に革命を起こす。 Every Thursday of every month weekday party will be held at Shibuya BPM music bar . TITLED "BLACK ON IT"   It covers the inside of the shop based on white with black which absorbs all colors without light reflection ... Such a unique world view and fine dance music invite you to a world of blackness.   MASANORI MORITA of STUDIO APARTMENT, Japan's world-renowned dance music unit, and OSAMU M, presided over by OUTERSPACE RECORDS and became indispensable for Japan's underground scene, will serve as a resident DJ and will be working as a resident DJ , this time, the leading Japanese techno artist KEN ISHII who appeared in Belgium 's world biggest festival "Tomorrowland" last summer will appear as a guest! ---   ■Title BLACK ON IT Supported by COCALERO    ■Venue BPM MUSIC BAR   ■Date October 25th,2018   ■Open 20:00   ■Music Charge Mens : ¥1,500- / 1SHOT Ladies : ¥1,000- / 1SHOT ■Guest DJ KEN ISHII ■Resident DJ MASANORI MORITA (STUDIO APARTMENT) OSAMU M ■Sponsor COCALERO Jägermeister ■Venue Web ■facebook page     ■Instagram (#bpm)   ■Info BPM MUSIC BAR 東京都渋谷区道玄坂2-29-12 吉田ビルB1F 03 6712 7651 Yoshida Building B1F 2-29-12 Dogenzaka Shibuya-ku Tokyo
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      Music Charge Men's ¥1,500-/1SHOT , Ladies ¥1,000-/1SHOT
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