Negative Space [Ma] present: Upsammy, CCL & R.O.S.H

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    R.O.S.H. [Negative Space - Ma] CCL [TUF / Action Potential] upsammy [Nous'klaer Audio / De School]
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  • We're excited to present the second night in our 'Space Is Substance' series, once again in collaboration with set designer Maeve Black to produce a unique staging and progressive vision for clubbing. For this edition we've invited a Seattle selector known for weaving ethereal broken beats, plus a break through DJ leading the latest wave of techno producers from the Netherlands, and our very own R.O.S.H. who's effortless knack for producing hard hitting idiosyncratic club cuts landed as our debut release on Negative Space [Ma] earlier this year. Negative Space [Ma] Space Is Substance xx ⚪️ ⚫️ 🔴
  • Negative Space [Ma] present: Upsammy, CCL & R.O.S.H - Flyer front