Caro x Rascal: Giant Swan, Dj Bus Replacement Service

  • Following on from sell-out shows earlier in the year, The Caro Project and Rascal team up to bring Manchester one of its most innovative line-ups to date spread over two rooms in the city’s best new venue Night People! - Giant Swan (live) + DJ Bus Replacement Service + Guests - We’re super excited to announce Giant Swan will be bringing their high energy live set up north especially after recent activity on Whities and at Berghain’s Panorama Bar. In the second room we have DJ Bus Replacement Service delivering a head-spinning rush of anything-goes assault that'll leave you wondering what you just heard and when you can hear it again. Expect an immersive experience with a high level of production and indulge yourself in a whole load of weird and wonderful sounds to keep you moving til 5am! - Giant Swan The brainchild of Robin Stewart & Harry Wright; an acerbic marriage of energised, aggressive dance music, quaking bass and hypnotic electronic noise. They’re not the first to approach techno from a hardcore punk sensibility, but their energy on stage is pushing them into a league of their own. Imagine Container and Alan Vega attempting a peak-time techno record, and you’re halfway to grasping the Giant Swan sound. Across a table of machines and pedals, incorporating abused guitar and liberal vocal manipulation, Giant Swan create a cross-breed of hypnotic bass, industrial percussion and disorientating energy delivered with telepathic intricacy. Giant Swan are a maelstrom of potential energy, bleeding between several sonic movements that both obliterate and invigorate. Building on a foundation of rhythmic tension and frenzied improvisation, no two performances are the same as the duo re-build and destroy their twisted vision of techno-not-techno. - DJ Bus Replacement Service The current form of DJ BRS emerged in late 2015, resplendent in a supreme leader latex mask, to tackle clubs and festivals across Europe. The performances are a head-spinning rush of anything-goes assault, unashamedly toeing the line between serenity and stupidity to raise neck hairs, hands, and quizzical eyebrows in one. Rapid-fire left turns and smartypants sequencing conjure up Venn diagram crossover between spheres that should have no logical intersection whatsoever, bringing dancers to rapture in delight and awe of “eureka!” moments on the floor.
  • Caro x Rascal: Giant Swan, Dj Bus Replacement Service - Flyer front