• During the first day of ADE, Kiosk Radio invites an all-star line-up to do hourly sets that will be livestreamed. From 9pm onwards, Kiosk invites two excellent labels to join the night: ensemble & Kalahari Oyster Cult. ensemble celebrates the release of ENS008 during ADE week: a classic 1988 record by Zazou Bikaye (in collab with Crammed Discs) that still sounds futuristic after 3 decades. All info and sounds: Line-up: 14.00 Victor De Roo 15.00 Soumaya Phéline 16.00 DJ Vega 17.00 AliA b2b Vincent-Paolo 18.00 Kiosk Soundsystem 19.00 DJ Marcelle 20.00 Beesmunt Soundsystem 21.00 Kiosk Radio Invites ensemble & Kalahari Oyster Cult w/ Kong & Gratts, Rey Colino & Guest (TBA) As expected, a big spotlight will be on Belgium today, powered by Vlaams Cultuurhuis de Brakke Grond.
  • ADE: KIOSK Radio - Flyer front