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    Wild Dark (Bespoke MUSIK), Eli Light (Love Medicine), Eli (Akumandra) special ORIJINS, MEDINA, KOSTE(love medicine), ELI (AKUMANDRA)
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  • "All that is gold does not glitter, not all those who wander are lost; the old that is strong does not wither, deep roots are not reached by the frost." ~ J. R. Tolkein : : Love Medicine is back aboard the Aquatorium for our Summer Series Vol. II with Gold Dust People. Come sparkly travelers and join us on deck and aboard the Aquatorium for our farewell dinner; from dusk until dawn celebration just before we embark on the great pilgrimage westward and into the dusty desert. We celebrate Leo and all of our Golden Lions as we move into a most auspicious 08-18-18. Number eight being the luckiest of all the numbers. : : : : Don't miss our sunset al fresco dinner Uruguayan parillada on deck by Big Love with special guest Uruguayan grill master Michael Abt who regards the grill as Parill'ART. Come break bread with us. Feel the love and let's make beautiful memories together as the night's madness ensues : : M U S I C P R O G R A M : :WILD DARK (bespoke) : : Stemming from a partnership with over two decades of experience behind them, Wild Dark takes on contemporary song-writing and gives it a unique, thoughtful, modern-take using a wide spectrum of electronic music to tell a story. The duo, comprised of brothers Corey & Ryan Negrin, stray from cold digital samples in favor of a warmer approach to writing music. This allows them to merge house, techno and natural vocal work into a cohesive concept that uses soulful yet charming song writing to nurture a sophisticated palate of contemporary work. ~From darkness, beauty rises~ Labels: trueColors / Anjunadeep/ Bespoke Musik Upcoming 2018 Releases coming out on Akbal Music, Suruba X, Nazca Records, L'enfant Terrible Records, Happy Camper Records, Where The Heart Is - NY, Eyedyllic Music. : : ELI LIGHT (love medicine) : : Originally from Colombia, NYC based Event Producer & DJ - Eli Light is a collector of earthy, ancient, spiritual and world music sounds. Inspired by her travels to magical places around the world, She brings to the scene a cosmic universal experience with deep rooted earthy emotions mixed together and share through her music. She is resident DJ of "Caravan of Light" an international troupe of traveling Burning Man Artistic Freedom Warriors. Hit PLAY and prepare to travel far and wide across the frontiers of the Consciousness with Eli Light's archetypal sounds. : : ELI : : Eli is an artist currently based in New York and a resident of the label Akumandra. He tells a different story with each set, and has played around the world alongside artists such as Acid Pauli, Nu, Yokoo, Gorje Hewek & Izhevski, Sainte Vie, Lemurian and more. : : ENKI and ENIL : : : : SPECIAL GUESTS TBA : : ◦◦◦ Love Medicine is a lifestyle brand built around a vibrant artistic community in New York City and around the world. We draw upon a large and engaged community of awakened and exceptionally talented musicians, dancers, poets, visual artists and other performers to create and curate unique and powerful experiential events. Our core mission is to advance the evolution of consciousness through events held as transformational rituals, ceremonies, fundraisers and initiations that viscerally convey the boundless possibilities of a future founded on ideals of openness, love and compassion. The path of rationalism, male dominance, materialism, consumerism, ethnocentrism has led the world to the brink of crisis. Now more than ever before, the times and the new world order call for celebration with purpose. "Love Medicine" is a goodwill enterprise and remedy for troubling times in a world that needs healing. Love is the answer, Love is the Medicine. Gold Dust Vendors Market: last minute shopping before the Burn! Lunara Designs: ⍦⍦⍦ VIP seating available including captains cabin. Email [email protected] for menu. ⍦⍦⍦ Gold Attire Encouraged ⍦⍦⍦
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