Castor Feat. Will Atkinson

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    • New Japan Bldg 8F, 2-3-28 Dotonbori, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka
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    Fri, 24 Aug 201822:00 - 05:00
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    Will Atkinson Norio SP [Anahera] Master Azia Yuki Higashi TAKASHIX Timo
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  • 8/24 (SAT)、今や国内屈指のTrance Party "CASTOR"がALZARにて開催! Uplifting Tranceを主とし、Psy Tranae, Tech Tranceなどクロスオーバーした唯一無二の人気を誇るPartyである。 その人気は、関西だけに留まらず全国各地からトランスファンが駆けつけるほどである。 SP Guestには、今最も勢いのある"トランス界の異端児" Will Atkinson を招聘。 Beatportで3週間1位を獲得した彼の楽曲”Pat Butcher”のPVはアップロードから48時間で160万回の再生を記録。ウィルのディスコグラフィはまさにヒット曲だらけの長いリストであり、“Victims”、“Numb The Pain”、“Subconscious”、“Mesmerize”、“The Gamer Changer”、“Fresh Meat”、“Pat Butcher”、“Without You”、“Seventh Heaven”といった楽曲でBeatportのトランスチャートで幾度となく1位を獲得している。7歳の年齢でDJを始め、現在28歳と若く才能溢れるウィルは「飛ぶ鳥を落とす勢い」という表現では足りないほどトランスシーンで今まさに時の人と言える。 また、約3年ぶりに同日Rooftop bar ooにてCASTOR Pool Partyの開催も決定! Guest DJには、若干24歳にしてAVA Recordingと契約、海外にて活躍中の人気Female DJ Rinalyの登場! 彼女は今年、EDC JAPAN、Transmission Thailand 2018 Official After Party、DJ Mag Top 100 Clubs 3位のZouk SingaporeのトランスイベントTransfixへ出演、既にIn Trance We Trust ADE Special 2018、AVA Night Switzerland、Journey to Transmission China 2018ツアーと大型イベントへの出演も決定し活躍の幅を広げているRinalyは世界中で最も勢いのあるトランスDJ/Producerの一人である事は、誰の目にも明らかである。 このスペシャルな内容で、Alzarにて初開催するEuphoric Trance Party CASTORをお見逃しなく!! VJ : UCCHY Photo : TOKKUN ██ Will Atkinson Japan Tour ██ 【日時】8.24 (FRI) 22:00 - 05:00 【場所】Alzar Osaka 【料金】Door 3,000 / 1D , Adm 2,500 / 1D ※Poolからのお客様は2,000 / 1D (リストバンド配布) 【Line Up】 SP Guest : Will Atkinson Guest DJ : Norio SP [Anahera] CASTOR DJ : Master Azia, Yuki Higashi, TAKASHIX, Timo VJ : UCCHY Photo : TOKKUN ██ CASTOR Pool Party Feat. Rinaly ██ 【日時】8.24 (FRI) 19:00 - 23:30 【場所】Rooftop bar oo 【料金】Door 2,000 / 1D , Adm 1,500 / 1D ※水着着用女性 free (トップのみでも適用) 【Line Up】 SP Guest : Rinaly Special Warm Up DJ : Yuji Ono (Progressive House Set) Terrace DJ : Bernis, ERRY, ASUKA, Mia Bar DJ : SCORPION, AKIZUMI, 1315, Ryosuke Nakatani, SHO, ATUSH! VJ : UCCHY Dancer : Dahlia Photo : TOKKUN ※FOREIGN PASSPORT HOLDERS GET SPECIAL DISCOUNT!! On Saturday, August 24, Japan’s top Trance Party “CASTOR” is hosting an event at ALZAR Osaka. Focusing primarily on Uplifting Trance, this one of a kind party with Psy Trance and Tech Trance crossover has been extremely popular not only in the Kansai Region but all over the entire country. The special guest invited for this event is the “maverick of the trance world” Will Atkinson. On Beatport his production“Pat Butcher” held the number 1 position for 3 weeks and was played 1,600,000 times in 48 hours. Will’s discography is certainly full of a long list of hit tracks including “Victims,” “Numb The Pain,” “Subconscious,” “Mesmerize,” “The Gamer Changer,” “Fresh Meat,” “Pat Butcher,” “Without You,” “Seventh Heaven,” with many of them holding the number 1 spot on Beatport. Starting his DJ career when he was just 7 years old, Will is at the top of his game now at 28, brimming with talent and certainly one who could be called the man of the hour in the trance scene at the moment. Also, it has been confirmed that at Rooftop bar oo, the CASTOR Pool Party will return for the first time in 3 years. Performing as a special guest for this event is the just 24 year old AVA Recording artist Female DJ Rinaly who has been very popular not only in Japan but also overseas as well. This year she will perform at EDC JAPAN, Transmission Thailand 2018 Official After Party, and the #3 club on the DJ Mag list of Top 100 Clubs “Zouk,” and she has already confirmed large scale events such as In Trance We Trust ADE Special 2018, AVA Night Switzerland, and Journey to Transmission China 2018. It is clear that Rinaly has truly widened her reach, picking up momentum worldwide as a DJ/Producer. With all of the special performances, do not miss Euphoric Trance Party CASTOR’s first event at Alzar! ※FOREIGN PASSPORT HOLDERS GET SPECIAL DISCOUNT!! please, show your passport at the cashier 3,000yen →1,000yen
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