CYK All Night Long

  • ハウスミュージッククルーCYKが、初のレジデントのみによるオールナイトB2Bセットに挑む。
    Tomoko Naoshima
  • supported by COCARELO CKY Crew is coming back at Circus Tokyo for an all night long set. CYK is a house music collective based in Tokyo. They play at clubs and festivals such as Contact / WWWβ/ rural in Tokyo and Contra / Pistil in Korea. After two years of their music journey, they are coming back for CYK all night long set at Circus Tokyo, where the collective took off. They invited big names like Mall Grab and Avalon Emerson, resident DJs at great venues like Kaiku and Lekker to play at their party. Every night got own memory. BUT, they will break down this format, which is having big guests at peek time. They will make a new step. CYK will put themselves out there with all the experiences from parties in the past. Now time to enjoy a night they will construct. Even though you have already been to CYK’s parties before, you are going to find something new and special this night. If you have never been to their parties, please be part of this night. CKY will take you where you don’t know yet. Let’s experience emotions like when you step into club for the first time or when you are amazed finding new kind of music at this party. *Photo ID required. *You must be over 20 to enter. ■CIRCUS Tokyo 3-26-16, Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0002 Japan +81-(0)3-6419-7520
  • CYK All Night Long - Flyer front
    CYK All Night Long - Flyer back