Over the Border

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    • New Japan Bldg 8F, 2-3-28 Dotonbori, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka
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    Fri, 13 Jul 201822:00 - 05:00
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    【Alzar booth】 OPEN 22:00 DOOR.¥2500 ADV.¥1500 DJ O-MAN DJmizmon Salmon $ato(middle) HOGEKO(IDPS) Marina(IDPS) Sakura yasu DANCER ALKALOIDdancer FOOD Power Push 【OO booth】 OPEN 18:00 DJ USK☆Y (SUGAR RASH) UP(MAD) SEVEN+ONE (SUGAR RASH) Tech-Bou(MAD) MARI (SUGAR RASH) keybow(BLAST) TKNK (SUGAR RASH)
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  • techno/house & open air party "over the border"    Party is held to enjoy Dance Music for Genre less on Alzar wrapped in an underground world view and on the poolside terrace of OO (Wu) on a liberating open air terrace!    Take the summer first while enjoying a different world view in the two spaces! Undergroundな世界観に包まれたAlzarと解放的なオープンエアーテラスのOO(ウー)のプールサイドテラスでGenre lessにDance Musicを楽しめるParty開催‼ 2つの空間で違った世界観を楽しみながら夏を先取ろう‼
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      DOOR.¥2500 ADV.¥1500
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