Creamfields Chile 2018 / 15 Years Anniversary

  • Venue
    Club Hípico de Santiago
    • Avda Blanco Encalada 2540, Santiago, Región Metropolitana, Chile
  • Date
    17 Nov 2018
    Sat 13:00 - Sun 23:00
  • Promoters
    Venue's GuestJavier Espina
  • Attending
    • 10
  • ¡Get ready for Creamfields 2018! Come back to celebrate your 15th birthday in a celebration that promises to stay in your memory. Saturday / November 17 / Club Hípico. First pre-sale of tickets, this June 1, by PuntoTicket system. Creamfields, the largest electronic music festival in the country, arrives in 2018 to celebrate its 15th anniversary which, as is well known, is only lived once. Because the good thing is repeated, we will go back to the open air in the Club Hípico de Santiago, but also with two remarkable surprises that we know will leave many of those who wish to be part of this experience happy: Their schedule will be extended from 1:00 pm to 11:00 pm and will take place on Saturday November 17, perfect to recharge the next day, right? The festival reaches an age of transition, a time when the world opens up to new possibilities, searches and instances. That's why this festival is out of your head as a space "only for genre connoisseurs" but for those who know about good together and especially having fun. That's why consider yourself lucky! not every day is 15 years old and not every day you have the opportunity to go to a festival that will know how to do things in a big way. Because to honor this special anniversary we arrived with the responsibility to further improve the high standards of 2017; If you thought the monumental structure of the Main Stage was spectacular, if you still remember the adrenaline mix of beats and rides or if you still live in that pyrotechnic show of one of the most spectacular closures in Latin America, be prepared, that the proposal and experience of this 2018 you will not be able to tear it out of your head. First pre-sale of tickets The pre-sale stage begins on June 1 through the Puntoticket system, with a limited stock at a discounted price. So that you can begin to live from now the unique energy of this festival and all that it will bring in this new anniversary version, review what was the past Creamfields 2017 at Get ready to enjoy this celebration that will remain for a lifetime because the 15 do not forget! _____________________________________________________________ Up by V'sG
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