Balance – Club / Culture Festival 2018

  • On May 31st begins the first edition of Balance – Club / Culture Festival. Balance will present a multi-faceted program of concerts, exhibitions, artist talks, panel discussions and club nights: spanning four days and multiple Leipzig-area venues and cultural institutions. Balance will provide a platform for diverse topics that consider the influence of Club Culture on larger social landscapes, technological advancements, and economies. Through various methods, Balance will explore the contributions of Club Culture to the ways we understand and accommodate for challenges our society is faced with today. The project stands for the experimentation, the critical questioning and the definition of modern Club Culture on the intersection of society as a whole. For the first festival edition, local talent will be showcased alongside internationally acclaimed artists, creating a exciting mix of experimental electronic music, genre-transcending works, clever debates and an aesthetic consideration of Club Cultural possibilities. Balance wishes to keep Club Culture in its ideal state: boundless, inclusive, and innovative. More program points and full line ups to be announced! Balance – Club / Culture Festival is funded by Initiative Musik and Kulturstiftung des Freistaates Sachsen. Schwefelgelb will be presented via CYNETART Festival, supported by the 2018 SHAPE Platform and co-financed through the program CREATIVE EUROPE of the European Union.
  • Balance – Club / Culture Festival 2018 - Flyer front