Polygon: Uncommon

  • Composed of house, techno and experimental lineups, uncommon is an event designed to challenge the music scene and provide unusual electronic sounds to the listener. With fine artists we invite you to deepen your knowledge about what music is and can be. Techno floor curated by Uncommon crew. Mind-bending and -expanding music for adventurous souls. We call for deeper experience. Carefully chosen by the mysterious duo behind Uncommon, the artists behind the decks will explore the depths of soulful, yet brutal techno soundscapes. Back to the basics, it's just you against the music. / Antonio De Angelis Birth of Frequency live Pycode / House lineup chosen with love by stevn.aint.leavn. Music that navigates lightly right in the perfect point in between listening value and unbearable dance groove. That's what Uncommon is about. / Cecilio Diego_Krause Porter stevn.aint.leavn /
  • Polygon: Uncommon - Flyer front