Transitions Feat. John Digweed

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    Studio: John Digweed (Bedrock | UK) -6hrs set Osamu M (Outerspace Records) Contact: -Supported by Re:birth & LDG- A.Mochi (Figure) DAIJIRO (Digital Block) DJ G. (Sharing) KOJIRO (Re:birth Festival) YUTA (Liquid Drop Groove) Foyer: Keisuke Matsuoka (Re:ception) Astro&Aveshi Gohlem DJ UU Keita Ishigaki Blackship (SUNNY) YEARTH perception by a Roy TAKUMI
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  • 『英プログレッシブハウスの先駆者がおくる無双サウンド』 イギリスでハウスミュージックの爆発的な盛り上がりが起こった90年代から活動し、突出した功績とサウンドを残してきたDJはJohn Digweedくらいかもしれない。John DigweedがSashaと共に切り開いたディープな陶酔をもたらすダンスミュージックは、今ではプログレッシブハウスとして知られている。しかし、「Northern Exposure」などの重要ミックス作品で披露した彼の幅広い創造性は、そうした1ジャンルで括られるものではない。 栄光に甘んじることなく活動を続けてきたJohn Digweed。意識を没頭させる4つ打ちのリズムを軸にして、新しいアプローチを絶えず取り入れる彼の存在感は、現在も世界のダンスミュージックシーンで顕在だ。今回の待望の再来日公演では、6時間以上におよぶロングセットで彼の音楽遍歴を網羅するミュージックジャーニーを描く。John Digweedの音楽性の真相を解明する絶好の機会となるだろう。 「The British progressive house pioneer brings his inimitable sound to Contact」 There are few DJs from the original UK house music explosion in the 1990s with a legacy and sound as distinctive as John Digweed. The particular strain of deep, hypnotic dance music he and Sasha explored and made their name with became known as prog house, but it was a limited tag compared to the expansive creativity the pair were expressing on seminal mixes such as Northern Exposure. Refusing to rest on his laurels, Digweed has remained an active and vital presence in the global electronic music landscape, constantly embracing new approaches while maintaining his focus on immersive, floor-focused 4/4 rhythms. Making a welcome return to Tokyo, his lengthy set on the Studio X Floor will be a truly engaging experience, with the veteran DJ stretching himself out over six hours for an unforgettable ride through all the shades of music he has turned his hand to. Experiences such as these provide a real insight into the inner workings of a creative legend. The Contact Floor will see DJs from the renowned Re:birth festival and the Liquid Drop Groove collective playing a broad range of techno-rooted sounds as a counterbalance to the undulating tones Digweed will be rolling out. ¥2000 Before 11PM ¥2500 Under 23 ¥2800 GH S Members ¥3500 W/F ¥3800 Door
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      Before 11PM ¥2000 | Under 23 ¥2500 | GH S Members ¥2800 | W/F ¥3500 | Door ¥3800
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