Sonoro Pres. Marc Milner, Juan Proeliis

  • #MARCMILNER #PLUIENOIR #SONORO ———————— MARC MILNER 🇫🇷 [Variable Records, IILE, Pluie/Noir] + Juan Proeliis [Raw Beats] LUGAR: Wonder 1933 (Guayaquil y Espejo) PREVENTAS: —————— • Tickets: 10 usd. • Dia del evento: 15 usd. (Antes de las 11PM) Marc Milner [Pluie/Noir, Fr] Marc Milner is part of the label Pluie/Noir and a resident of the Parisian scene. He plays regularly for the famous Rex club and Concrete and also internationally he is making name. He enjoys distilling his selection of records alongside unreleased material from close friends and artists and is used to play long sets from warm-up to closing sets. With his driving sets and distinctive taste, he brings his own sound to the dance floor.
  • Sonoro Pres. Marc Milner, Juan Proeliis - Flyer front