Nuits Sonores 2018 - A day with Four Tet

  • Twelve albums down, and having collaborated with dozens of artists as diverse as Coldplay, Burial, The XX, Nathan Fake and Omar Souleyman, the career of Kieran Hebden – a.k.a. Four Tet – continues to stand out for the consistency and agility of its musical output. An omnipotent presence on the interna- tional electronic scene, Four Tet has an uncanny ability to seem to be in many places at once, always with a hand in the freshest sounds. From his NTS residency alongside acolyte Floating Points to his productions released under aliases, not to mention his proli c remixes of tracks and albums for other artists, Four Tet rarely pauses for breath. His latest album, 2017’s solar-tinged New Energy, is a complex and unstructured masterpiece of orga- nic electronic music. Four years on from his last appearance, Four Tet is set to make a triumphant return to Nuits Sonores in 2018. And he won’t be alone: as the curator of his own Day, Kieran is inviting a selection of artists and friends all sharing similar musical in uences, on the spectrum that runs from jazz to electronica.
  • Nuits Sonores 2018 - A day with Four Tet - Flyer front