Music Of Many Colours

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    Studio: Jacko (TR Records | Italy) Chelsea Como (US) -Live Dazzle Drums (Block Party) Heaven (DISCOVERY) -Dance Performance- Tatsuo (Glass Hopper) & Matsuda Naoko SIVA Mnchr-m & ABANDON & 馬壱 & Rei TERM-INAL -Floor Creation Dancers- MOMC dancers -Dancer Planning- million SITUATION Contact: Showhey (ROBOT FUNK) T.P Phenol (RICEBALL | yygcru) Kengo (Block Party) -Deco- Jambow! (Block Party) -Lights- Machida (Block Party | LS Works) -Food- Bahama Kitchen KUMA 食堂
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  • 新旧、地域、性別、世代が交差する、混沌かつ有機的なダンスフロアこそがハウス・パーティの醍醐味であり、それは圧倒的な音楽体験に繋がってゆく。誰かを観にフロアに行くのではなく、数多の表現の中に身を置き、耳と心を開き、多様性を知る楽しさと新しさ。刷新しつづけるハウスの側面を今回も伝えたく、ローマからJackoを招聘。ソウルフルで躍動的なダンス・ミュージックの力強さと優しさを、一晩を通して体験して欲しい。 表現者が「音楽」を感じる風景とは何か。今回はフォトグラファーKEEEが切り取った写真をもとに「Music Of Many Colours」Tシャツを作成、当日会場で限定販売致します。 Intertwining of the old and new, region, and generations. The complex and organic dance floor created by the people in unison with the music is what a house party should be. In an effort to convey the ever-changing style of house music, we have invited Jacko from Rome. Experience the soulful and energetic vibes of dance music. Limited number of original 「Music Of Many Colours」photo collage T-Shirts taken by photographer KEEE will be sold in the venue. ¥1000 Before 11PM ¥1500 Under 23 ¥1500 Student ¥2000 GH S Member ¥2500 W/F ¥3000 Door
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      Before 11PM ¥1000 | Under 23 ¥1500 | Student ¥1500 | GH S Members ¥2000 | W/F ¥2500 | Door ¥3000
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