CSC x HMT: DJ Bus Replacement Service & DJ Gurl Power

  • In 2017, leading tastemakers formally sanctioned the ability to “play anything” in clubs (thanks!). In 2018, a tour of the nation’s Northern Powerhouses will drive that mantra to its logical conclusion — then off a cliff. The Hoofin Massive Tunes bus is coming. Loading into the clown car in Sheffield on Sat 3rd Feb will be DJ Bus Replacement Service and DJ Gurl Power [aka K-orse], with local mirth merchants Cut Some Capers going halves on petrol. DJ Bus Replacement Service amassed a cult following of fellow transport enthusiasts with instant-classic festival appearances of unhinged mania. French audiobooks, gabber, scorched children’s TV themes, AOR pop and so much more swirl together with uncanny grace; it’s a trip. All this our driver conducts while wearing North Korean rubber face masks. DBRS + DPRK = D-lite So off the wall Bussy is, you’d assume she was a fresh alias to come from the inspirationally in(s)ane Off Me Nut Records stables. Well, we planned ahead: DJ Gurl Power in fact is. One half of K-orse & Basshound will be on a fresh flex, jolting the Steel City with several megawatts of whatever power gurls run on. Bringing up the rear, plus underwriting the whole dancefloor social experiment with cryptocurrency gains, will be the HMT Hard Cru. Southern fairies they may be, but an array of fast & furious mixes and punched-in basement ceilings tell the story (name change pending to And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead Venues That Won’t Have Us Any More) Look, enough waffle: it's cheap and cheerful carnage, and easily the best bang for your buck you can get in the city that night. Easily. Get involved. BYOB
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