The Mole , SOICHI Terada (Live) at Sound Of Vast

  • Venue
    • Festae Omotesando Building B1F, 3-18-19 Minami Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 107-0062 Japan
  • Date
    Fri, 13 Oct 2017
    23:00 - 05:00
  • Promoter
  • Attending
    • 50
  • 【 Mathew Jonsonの盟友The Moleと、ジャパニーズ・ハウス・レジェンドSoichi TeradaがSound Of Vastに出演決定!! 】 ヨーロッパを拠点に素晴らしいリリースを重ねる日本人主宰レーベルSound Of Vastのショーケースが再びVENTにて開催決定!PerlonやOstgut Tonなどからのリリースでトッププロデューサーとしての地位を確立したThe Moleが、最新作『Potatoes and Beans EP』を携えて2年ぶりの再来日を果たす。共演には、『Higher EP』でリミックスを提供し、世界各地のダンスフロアを笑顔で溢れさせるライヴが大好評のSoichi TeradaがVENTに初登場。 Wagon Repair、Perlon、Ostgut Tonをはじめとする名門レーベルからのリリースや、カナダの盟友Mathew Jonson率いるThe Modern Deep Left Quartetのメンバーとしても活躍しているThe Mole。Sound Of Vastからリリースされる最新作『Potatoes and Beans EP』、そして主宰レーベルMaybe Tomorrowから10月リリース予定のアルバム『De La Planet』を引っ提げ、絶好のタイミングでの来日が実現した。 Soichi Teradaは1988年にFar East Recordingを設立後、24年の時を経て名門Rush Hourからリリースされた『Sounds From The Far East』の大ヒットをきっかけに、世界がその存在に気が付いた極東のプロデューサーだ。彼の澄んだ美しいサウンドと、底抜けに明るいキャラクターが爆発するライヴ・セットは、国内外のフェスティバルからオファーが絶えないトップアクトとなった。 Sound Of Vast主宰のKnockとRed Pig Flowerも揃って出演する今回のレーベルショーケースは、日本、カナダ、オランダ、ドイツを経由して、世界中に触発されたクリエイティブが再び東京の表参道に集結するという、まさにVENTの理想とする音楽を介した多様なコミュニケーションが生まれる一夜となるだろう。 The Mole, good friend of Mathew Jonson, and Japanese House legend Soichi Terada (who's been getting offers left and right to play from all over the world) will be playing at Sound of Vast! Sound of Vast, based in Europe and ran by a Japanese, is responsible for many brilliant releases, and VENT is proud to be hosting their second label showcase! The Mole has really made a name for himself as a top producer, releasing works on Perlon and Ostgut Ton, and he'll be making his first trip back to Japan in two years with his new release "Potatoes and Beans EP" in tow. Also making his first ever appearance at VENT will be the ever popular Soichi Terada, who's recently remixed a track on The People in the Fog's the "Higher EP" - he's well known for bringing a flood of smiles on dance floor across the globe. The Mole has released works for top labels such as Wagon Repair, Perlon and Ostgut Ton, and is good friends with Canadian Mathew Jonson who leads The Modern Deep Left Quartet, of which The Mole is an active member. His new release on Sound of Vast, "Potatoes and Beans EP", and "De La Planet", which is due to be released in October on his own label, Maybe Tomorrow, coincide nicely with his trip back to Japan. Soichi Terada established Far East Recording back in 1988, and at its 24-year mark the legendary Rush Hour released "Sounds of Far East" to much fanfare, skyrocketing Terada's fame to global status, establishing his a one of the top producers from the Far East. His crisp, beautiful sounds and positive energy as a person makes for one explosive live set, which has won him accolades both at home and abroad with offers for this top act to play coming in like a tidal wave. Also performing at this showcase are Sound of Vast label heads, Knock and Red Pig Flower - transcending Japan, Canada, the Netherlands and Germany to make this event a gathering of global creatives centered in Omotesando, Tokyo. It will be a night where new forms of communication will come to fruition through music at VENT!
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