Younes B



  • Younes B is a global ambassador of House Music. From Marrakesh in the middle of Morocco, Younes was instrumental in the development of the electronic scene in the early 90s, he took the flourishing electronic Moroccan scene to the rest of the world.
    Born in Morocco and raised Between Africa and Europe, Younes B spun his first vinyls in the early 90s, in the midst of the explosion of the Electronic scene.   Whether as a resident at Pacha, Nikki Beach or Theatro, Younes B has inspired with his style; a solid techno beat with a magic ethnic touch. A unique style that seduced audiences all around the world from Ibiza to Dubai and allowed him to share the DJ booth with great artists such Carl Cox, Sasha and Luciano among others.   Younes B is a regular in the top of Beatport charts and has appeared on some of the most glamourous compilations as « PACHA IBIZA HITS» « AMNESIA DANCE FLOOR » or « LA TROYA IBIZA »…   His Last EP «Chaco Maco» with OKO Recordings was supported by many big artists and remixed by Balcazar (Mexico). The upcoming releases are huge, amongst is a massive techno track which will be released with Voyeur Music, as well as an EP titled «Sacred Ladder» which will be released with a Big Label.   Younes B has been on the Moroccan and international scene for more than 22 years and is still one of the most respected artists amongst the techno scene. In Morocco he is considered one of the ambassadors for Moroccan electronic music and he is widely regarded as one of the key factors in driving the genre towards worldwide recognition within electronic music.

    Selected discography

    Younes B - Unreal (OKO Recording) Younes B - Chaco Maco (OKO Recording) Younes B - Lamia (Ethnic House Recording) Younes B - Thousand and one Nights (Ethnic House Recording) Younes B - Everything Behind (Ethnic House Recording) Younes B - Run the Show (System Odio) Younes B - The Lab (System Recordings) Younes B - Nothing (System Recordings) Younes B - Basic Food (System Recordings) Younes B - Summer Love (System Recordings) Younes B - Serial Approach (Blend it Records) Younes B - Mamaia (Pink Flame Music) Younes B - I Give it to u (Fusion Recordings) Younes B - Mermaid (DJ Center Records) Younes B - Gipsy (Detox Recordings) Younes B - Granada Love (Detox Recordings) Younes B - Granada Love Part II (Detox Recordings) Younes B, MHD - The Track (Vertikal Records) Younes B - Late Night (Pink Flame Music) Younes B - Hurikane (Pink Flame Music) Younes B - 2012 (Pink Flame Music) Younes B - Mito (DJ Center Records) Younes B - You re my lovin (Sony Music) Younes B - Tasty Katy (Fusion Recordings) Younes B - Sweet Panther (DJ Center Records) Younes B - Former (System Recordings) Younes B - Compass (DJ Center Records) Younes B - The Storm (Pink Flame Music) Younes B - Shine (Pink Flame Music) Younes B - Move My Body (Pink Flame Music) Younes B - Transilvania (Pink Flame Music) Younes B - shake it (DJ Center Records) Younes B - Blue (Pink Flame Music) Younes B - Moroccan Ghetto (Pink Flame Music) Younes B - Marrakesh (Deux Minds Records) Younes B - Solus (Fusion Recordings) Younes B - Desert Rose (Deux Minds Records) Younes B - Allure (Kitschy Records) Younes B - What you need (Kitschy Records) Younes B - In my life (Deux Minds Records)