Years of Denial



  • The duo creates a deeply immersive atmosphere, and is abundantly vigorous to keep dancers on their toes and moving from the night’s darkest corners to the dawn of day.
    Years of Denial is the alter-face of French musician / DJ / producer Jerome Tcherneyan and Czech performance artist / DJ / producer Barkosina Hanusova. With the use of hardware combined with vocals and a plethora of dub devices, YOD are re-visiting the dark corner of Post Punk, Industrial music movement and Rave culture. Their live Electro performances fuse repetitive beats and pulsating arpeggios with heavy electronics and spacey psychedelic sonic treatment. Barkosina’s voice echoes and oscillates against snares, profound and wounded at once. Her dark romanticism and narrative poetry take us to unknown yet familiar places. The duet operate on the dance floor without anesthetic creating an excursive electrifying shady atmosphere. Both influenced by Isolationism, they also perform improvised cinematic Ambient sets with the use of modular synths and processed vocals. They draw upon the darker and profound stimulus of experimental music, creating an immersive and dramatic imaginative space. WorldwideBooking- [email protected]

    Selected discography

    - 2xLP Suicide Disco // Veyl Records - EP Body Map // Pinkman Broken Dreams - Split12" with Maenad Veyl // Death & Leisure - Split12" with Alexey Volkov / Blush Response // Khemia Records - VA Process Of Rhetoric Vol.I // Tales Collective - VA Previously Undisclosed Rituals Vol. I // Veyl Records - Remix of Blind Delon & Black Egg // She Lost Kontrol - Remix of Sm Forma // Diffuse Reality - Remix of Tullia Benedicta // Black Chrysalis - Remix of Velvet May // Tears on Waves - Blood Debts // Death & Leisure