Xavier Meseguer



  • Electronic music producer from Sant Boi de Llobregat, Barcelona.
    Xavier's influences have been mainly the first electronic music bands such as Kraftwerk, Tangerine Dream, Giorgio Moroder or Jean-Michel Jarre. Also passionate about artists from the techno, house, electro and miami bass scenes like Larry Heard, Eddie Flashin Fowlkes, John Beltran, Mark Ernestus, Moritz von Oswald, Robert Hood, Claude Young, Jeff Mills, Mike Banks, Juan Atkins, Anthony Rother, Aux 88, Ectomorph, Bass Project, Beat Dominator or Dynamix II. Also European artists like Uwe Schmidt, Tom Middleton, Mark Pritchard, Jorg Burguer or Wolfgang Voigt and EBM/minimal synth bands such as Absolute Body Control, Front Line Assembly, The Invincible Spirit or Front 242.

    Selected discography

    Purple Sea - Cassiopeia A EP [Nebulae Records - NBL001] 2018 Xavier's Ritual [L&T Recordings - LTR1917] 2019 House District - 1-Octubre [L&T Recordings - LTR2004] 2020 House District is a project formed by Xavier Meseguer & Thom Carruthers. Xavier Meseguer produced 1-October under the electro alias as Nionip