• Woody is the original sonic funkateer whose life is completely focused on music and his very own definition of FUNK. He doesn't need more than two turntables, a mixer and an audience to know he’s alive.
    For him DJing and making music is not just a job, it's his life purpose. Rewind back to the mid-80's when Woody started off in Munich's graffiti and breakdance scene. Already a superb breakdancer, he soon became an even better DJ.Woody played his first gigs in Munich`s famous "Babalu Club". It didn't take long for him to get noticed outside of his hometown. In 1992, Woody took the chance to become Resident DJ at one of Berlin’s best and most influential clubs, Planet, which later became the world-famous E-Werk—Berlin's '90s equivalent to Berghain. Since then Woody has been a perennial force in Berlin's house and techno scene. He has seen techno become the dominating youth culture in the late 90s and how it all went back underground during the early 2000s, before things started to heat up again for another, this time global, wave of success. In that sense, his career path has been atypical of his contemporaries; neither did he go out of his way to become a festival-jet-setting A-list DJ, nor did he let the show stop at any point. Instead, he kept his head down through all these seismic shifts, continued to DJ, and took the time needed to eventually co-found one of the best party series Berlin has seen in the last decade: Heideglühen. Powered by a hype-averse and no-bullshit true to its roots spirit, Heideglühen has developed into a unique, intimate and internationally acclaimed haven for house music lovers. Equipped with the experiences of a long career and Heideglühen in full force, Woody is ready to share his vision of the perfect party and to bring the funky Heide vibe to dance floors across the globe.

    Selected discography

    Album: 10 Years Fumakilla (2xCD, Comp, Mixed) (compiled and mixed by woody) Selected Works (2002-2006) – Gigolo (2008) Releases: Woody & Daniel Paul "vis A vis" - Heideology Part 1 - Heideglühen002 Suparaw - Never Let You Go, Glowin Nights -Heideglühen 001 (2014/15) Woody - New Follow, Let It Work, Berzuh - Fumakilla037 (2011) Woody – Cloud 7 - 10 Years Fumakilla Compilation - FKCD001 (2010) Woody, Felipe Valenzuela, Casarano “Woman” – Fumakilla034 (2010) August/Booty Bar – Gigolo (2008) Whatever #2 - Fumakilla (2006) Whatever #1 - Fumakilla (2005) Woody & Afrika Bambaataa – Coke Dj-Culture (12”, Promo, 2003) Vibe EP - Fumakilla (2002) Body Music (with pop up mix) - Fumakilla (2001) Fumakilla Funk EP - Fumakilla (2000) Body Music - Fumakilla (1999/2000) Remixes: Sascha Dive "Lost Remixes 2" Woody Remix - DVR026 (Dec 2014) Loud Neighbor “Tacotalk” Woody Remix - w0rkt34m (March 2014) DJ T. “The Dawn” Woody Remix - Get Physical (2007) Autotune “Dirty” Woody Remix - Fumakilla 021 (2007) Codec & Flexor “Do what you want” Woodys fumakilla deep frozen mix-kitty-cuts/kitty yo (2006) Lars Sommerfeld “Beat rock two” - Fumakilla 008 (2003) Felix da housecat „Madame Hollywood“ -Club Culture/Wea (2002) 2raumwohnung “Wir trafenuns in einem Garten mit Woody“- it.worxs/Goldrush/BMG (2002) Woody vs Kissogram “If i had known this before - Woodys xtc-express mix” - blaou/low spirit/BMG (2001) Co-production: The Dose – Money or Love – Fumakilla (Juli 2008) Larsson – Der Kleine Elefant – Fumalab05 (Feb 2010) Coming soon: xx