Vanity In Mind



  • Vanity In Mind is an eclectic producer from Sweden, with many releases in genres such as techno, trance, progressive house and electronica. His releases have been supported by Paul Oakenfold, BBC Radio 1 and Dave Pearce.

    Selected discography

    ■ RELEASES 2020 Vanity In Mind – Neon Skin [Traum Schallplatten] Vanity In Mind – Far Out In Space EP [Natura Viva]   Tracklist: 1. From Another Planet 2. Shores Of Orion 3. The Space Between Us Zoi - Fusion (Vanity In Mind Remix) [Traum Schallplatten] ■ RELEASES 2019 Vanity In Mind - Fall Of Saturn [Traum Schallplatten] ■ RELEASES 2018 Vanity In Mind - We Are Stardust [Traum Schallplatten] ■ RELEASES 2017 Vanity In Mind - Moonlight Sonata (Original + Edit + Vanity In Mind Chillout Remix) [La Isla Blanca Recordings] ■ RELEASES 2016 Vanity In Mind - Game of Thrones Theme [La Isla Blanca Recordings] Vanity In Mind - Opus Balearica (Original Mix + STA Remix) [Massive Trance Records /Redux] ■ RELEASES 2015 Taglo feat. Daphné Maresca - Never Give Up (Vanity In Mind Remix) [Redux Red/Redux Recordings] Måns Zelmerlöw - Heroes (Vanity In Mind Remix) [White Label] 1987 - Bomb (Vanity In Mind Remix) [White Label] ■ RELEASES 2014 Vanity In Mind - Go Get Alice (Original Mix + Make One Remix + The Walz Remix) [Deep Forest/Redux Recordings] Ramin Djawadi - Game of Thrones Theme (Vanity In Mind Remix) [White Label] ■ RELEASES 2013 Vanity In Mind - Eastern Horizon / Trashy Blonde EP [Deep Forest/Redux Recordings] Nervous Nellie - Gloves (Vanity In Mind Remix) [WIFE] Vanity In Mind - Midnight Obsession (Original Mix) [Condura Recordings/Redux Recordings] ■ RELEASES 2012 Vanity In Mind - Beyond Arcadia (Original Mix) [Morrison Recordings] Vanity In Mind - Big Room Rebel (Original Mix) [Morrison Recordings] Vanity In Mind - The Sun, The Moon (feat. Johan Dahlberg) [Lyon Echo Records] ■ RELEASES 2011 Vanity In Mind - Electric Sunrise (Original Mix + Big In Ibiza Remix) [Nukleuz Records] Vanity In Mind - Let The Darkness In (Original Mix + Cut & Splice Remix) [Nukleuz Records] Vanity In Mind - Radiance (Original Mix + Steve Brian Remix) [RealMusic Recordings] Vanity In Mind - Vibrant Heat (Incl. 5 mixes) [Lyon Echo Records] ■ RELEASES 2010 Vanity In Mind - Lounge Garden Sessions (7 track album) [Aqua Purha Records] Vanity In Mind - Reflections (Original Mix) [Lyon Echo Records] Vol Deeman - Sigh (Vanity In Mind Remix) [RealMusic Recordings] Vanity In Mind feat. Robin M - Homesick (Mixes: Vanity In Mind Club Mix + Original Mix + Radio Edit) [Tobacco Music] ■ RELEASES 2009 Vanity In Mind - Blue Philosophy feat. Frelow [Purha Records] Vanity In Mind - Cherry Blossom (Chillout Remix) [Purha Records] Vanity In Mind - Walk Me Home [Purha Records] Vanity In Mind - Garden [Purha Records] Vanity In Mind - Heavens Falling [Purha Records] ■ RELEASES 2008 Eddie Sender vs. The Rewalkers - Aliencity (Vanity In Mind Remix) [Inspired Records]