• Valody is a DJ/Producer and label owner: "ELBEREC", based in Viseu.
    Valody is a DJ and producer from Viseu, a city where she embraced the goal of keeping the city on the electronic music map. She's the owner of the label ELBEREC and is the founder and resident Dj of the electronic music event called 'GRAVE'. Also owns a residency at Radio Quântica where she invites several emergent artists to show their work, and is also resident at 'Física e Química' radio show on Antena 3. Her musical influences range from Techno, to Electro, to Jungle and her fresh and vanguardist selection always comes with plenty of emotional intensity and a fierce attitude.  A very proactive element in the scene, Valody is deeply committed to promote and support the diverse and multiple shades of Portuguese Techno.