Tronik Youth



  • UK Producer/Remixer/DJ Neil Parnell aka Tronik Youth has been making music for over 10yrs
    Tronik Youth has remixed over 75 records over the last ten years and released over a dozen singles....starting off in 2006 with a remix for then unknown band The Gossip, he has worked for a variety of labels ending in 2012 with the creation of Nein Records with business partner/Friend Ian Considine, they have released tracks for The Decibels, Julian Sanza/Future Feelings and his own original tracks and an acclaimed edits series CTRL-S of which five editions will be released in 2014. He has dj'ed all over the world, including South America, Usa and most of Europe. DJ'ing was always his first love since his teenage years and contiunes to be so

    Selected discography

    Tronik Youth - We Are ‎ Back Yard Recordings 2007 Tronik Youth - Laugh Cry Live Die - Back Yard Recordings 2008 Tronik Youth - Th?nk - No Dice 2010 Tronik Youth - I Know - No Dice 2011 Tronik Youth - Pain Relief - Nein Records 2014 Tronik Youth - Zulu Whisky Holtel - Nein Records 2014 Tronik Youth - Edible Thoughts - La Dame Noir 2014