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    Tom Gotti is an in Stuttgart living Austrian born in Vienna(AUT) in June 1985. Since he was a child music was one of the most important things. As he came in contact with techno its 1st time in 2000 his passion for Techno Festivals was awaked and years of enjoying those passed the land before he decided to buy its first equipment. So he started mixing and producing in 2008/09 , after a lot of practicing and experimentation Tom found his own style in combining straight- driving- hard hitting- and dark Techno and formed it to something unique, to a kind of modern Techno with an industrial touch. Finally in the first half of 2012 he had his first EP release and other followed quickly on labels like: Hybrid Confusion, Steil, Kopfmusik and so on..., its tunes were played by nothing less as Klaudia Gawlas, Erphun, Marika Rossa and a lot more.. Until today his style evolved continually to something unique. Nowadays Tom Gotti is a well requested DJ, Producer/Remixer. He played on the side of several internationally known artists such as DJ EMERSON, INDUSTRIALYZER, REBEKAH, MARIKA ROSSA, OCTAVE, A-BROTHERS and others. 2014 in December he founded its own record label for high quality underground techno music called TOOL CABINET Recordings based in Vienna Austria, just 9 months later he grabed his 7 things and decided to leave its loved hometown Vienna with destination Stuttgart where he actually lives. Watch out on this gifted guy and keep yourself updated what ́s next of Tom Gotti. DATES 2015: •10.01. Technofiziert // Hype Club (Stuttgart/GER) •24.01. BOINK! // Camera Club (Vienna/AUT) •07.03. // Opera Club (Vienna/AUT) •03.04. BLAKKOUT with Rebekah // Club Auslage (Vienna/AUT) •17.04. CONFUSED // DasWerk (Vienna/AUT) •01.05. DiscoStoff w: Marika Rossa // CLUB27 (Tübingen/GER) •02.05. WCDL with Industrialyzer // MarxPalast (Vienna/AUT) •16.05. LocoLocals // Felsenkeller (Salzburg/AUT) •29.05. DiscoStoff w: Cortechs // TOY Club (Stuttgart/GER) •03.06. Spontan Techno // KANTINE (Vienna/AUT) •06.06. BABY´O (Ilz - Fürstenfeld/AUT) •19.06. B-DAY CONFUSION // DasWerk (Vienna/AUT) •26.06. Davico´s B-Day // HYPE Club (Stuttgart/GER) •27.06. // BeatzzClub (Aalen/GER) •17.07. // Club Four42 (Stuttgart/GER) •01.08 // ZollAmt (Stuttgart/GER) •29.08. BeatzzClub (Aalen/GER) •05.09. Verspielt Verspult Festival // LKA Longhorn (Stuttgart/GER) •25.09. // CLUB27 (Tübingen/GER) •23.10. // TOY Club (Stuttgart/GER) •21.11. // HYPE Club (Stuttgart/GER)

    Selected discography

    PLAYED AT: • GOTEC Club(Karlsruhe/GER) • TOY Club (Stuttgart/GER) • CLUB27 (Tübingen/GER) • Hype Club (Stuttgart/GER) • VEBCLUB (Berlin/GER) • BeatzzClub (Aalen/GER) • ZollAmt (Stuttgart/GER) • KOPFMUSIK SHOWCASE / Club Hörbar (Gütersloh/GER) • KANTINE (Vienna/AUT) • Club Auslage (Vienna/AUT) • SAKOG (St.Pantaleon/AUT) • VOLT (Graz/AUT) • FELSENKELLER (Salzburg/AUT) • BABY´O (Ilz/AUT) • Fortissimo / Rotor (Kaprun/AUT) • BOINK! / CAMERA CLUB (Vienna/AUT) • Radio FM4 103.8 (Austrian Radiostation) • Open Sense Festival (Vienna/AUT) • MASCHINENRAUM (Vienna/AUT) • Verflucht Verrucht / Camera CLub (Vienna/AUT) • ALL ABOUT TECHNO / Without a Name (Vienna/AUT) • TMS / DivaClub (Baden/AUT) • Confused / DasWerk (Vienna/AUT) • K5 (Stockerau/AUT) • Club Massiv (Vienna/AUT) • CLUB DUPLEX (Vienna/AUT) • ORANGE CLUB (Vienna/AUT) • Club Titanic (Vienna/AUT) • Opera Club (Vienna/AUT)
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