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  • Tomas More is an electronic music producer and DJ from France. It's in London, UK, that Tomas takes his first steps in the electronic music scene, as French boys sometimes do. In the british capital he connects with fellow producer Danton Eeprom..
    It's in London, UK, that Tomas More takes his first steps in the electronic music scene, as French boys sometimes do. In the british capital he connects with fellow producer Danton Eeprom and soon gets involved with Fondation Records, Eeprom's own label. They don't waste any time in launching the infamous 'Baise-Main' parties, the label's residency night at the legendary T-Bar, featuring prestigious guests such as Andrew Weatherall or Chloé. Accross the Channel, they set-up 'Fondation Black Thursdays' at the perennial Rex Club in Paris where Tomas plays alongside Seth Troxler, Maetrik and Jamie Jones. As a resident of these two wild and decadent club nights, he quickly develops his very own style of weird and filthy dance music. In 2010 he makes the jump to production and delivers an epic remix of Eeprom's 'Thanks For Nothing', released on Agoria's label In Finé. This is followed a few months later by 'Body Count', his debut EP on german imprint Resopal. With a dark touch that nevertheless allows a pop sensibility of new wave persuasion to shine through his tracks, tastemakers such as Troy Pierce, Agoria and Jennifer Cardini are early believers of Tomas' sound. In parallel, Tomas joins Paris' one and only Get The Curse crew, the internationally renowned webzine and record label fronted by his brother in arms, Clément Meyer. With a second EP dropped on Jennifer Cardini's brand new 'Correspondant' imprint including a remix by master producer Roman Fluegel, a track signed on Magda, Marc Houle & Troy Pierce select label Items & Things and an elegant effort on the german forward thinking techno label Snork Enterprises, Tomas confirmed his leading role on the new french scene. To end this incredibly busy year, french man released his most sophisticated piece of music to date : the acclaimed "The Door" EP on Items & Thing which definitely made him one of the most precious protégé of the former m_nus gang. Spooky techno and eerie electronica meet in this impressive record supported by most of the electronic tastemakers and gurus. One thing is clear : 2011 has undoubtedly been More's year. And 2012 starts even better... Seriously hot remixes (for pop band Slove on Pschent and barcelona secret weapon Sishi Rosch on Get The Curse Music in collaboration with compadre Clement Meyer) and a brand new EP on parisian legend Kill The Dj records including an insane remix by Chloe, nothing can stop him. With the support of dance music heavy-weights such as Magda, Roman Fluegel or Chloé and a lot of new project in the works, Tomas is a significant player of the new wave of parisian electronic music. Soon, you'll be begging for More, so consider yourself warned.

    Selected discography

    "THE INVISIBLE THREAD" (EP) Kill The Dj - June 2012 "THE DOOR" (EP) Items & Things - December 2011 "FLESH" (EP) Snork Enterprises - November 2011 "SCOPIC DRIVE" (EP) Correspondant - November 2011 "BODY COUNT" (EP) Resopal Schallware - December 2010
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