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  • Producer, DJ and label boss Lance Blaise has become a true household name synonymous with underground techno music. Head of the prestigious techno label Teggno, Lance has amassed a staggering catalog of music and original productions. A favorite play f..
    Producer, DJ and label boss Lance Blaise has become a true household name synonymous with underground techno music. Head of the prestigious techno label Teggno, Lance has amassed a staggering catalog of music and original productions. A favorite play from the icons of electronic music (Carl Cox, Chris Liebing, Laurent Garnier, to name a few), Lance has been riding a wave of success that few can top. Lance is well known for being one of the only EDM producers/DJs who is legally blind. Because of Lance's long battle with diabetes, he suffers from a secondary disease called Advance Background Retinopathy which has caused Lance's blindness. Despite this obstacle Lance has managed to adapt his production and DJ techniques to become one of he biggest names in the techno scene. Also recording under a variety of monikers (Monix, Tattoo Detectives, and Tacopimp most notably), Lance has signed his music to some of the best labels in the world including: Capsula, Spark Music, Phobiq, Illegal Alien Records, Frakture Audio, Translucent, Empro Music, Android Muziq, Dark & Sonorous, Rawthentic, Sound of Acapulco, Akoom, Definition, Vandit, Lo Kik Records, Global Underground, and mny others as well as his own imprint Teggno Records. One of his steadfast supporters has been longtime friend and mentor, Carl Cox. Carl has taken Lance’s tracks for many of his compilations, licensed “ETC” to his Space Ibiza release and in 2010 signed “Faaktree” to his Global Underground CD, and the track rose to the #2 position on Beatport’s Top 10. Carl has also asked Lance to share the stage with him on numerous occasions throughout the US. In 2008, Lance really came into the world frame when his Tattoo Detectives track, “Il Salto Fuori” became one of Ibiza’s DJ anthems. It was stated that “The Ibiza season in 2008 has been inspired by ‘Il Salto Fuori,’ and its all about ‘This DJ's F#ckin Crazy.’ Carl Cox was quoted on Resident Advisor stating that “This record is storming, its pumping techno in all it’s fury.” Late in 2008, Lance focused his productions on a more dark underground techno sound. This proved the right choice by one look at the Beatport charts. As Lance has re-established himself as a true innovator of this deep dark twisted new techno sound, fans have responded by shooting his tracks consistently into the Top 10 on Beatport. Always on the forefront of what is cutting edge, Lance, as a DJ is breaking new ground. Not content to ‘just DJ,’ Lance strives and seeks out new technology to further push the boundaries of what a DJ can do. A self confessed ‘tech geek,’ Lance is an artist who can manipulate music and technology in ways not yet seen. In 2010, Lance toured Europe, South America, and North America. Finding time for the studio, Lance released his first artist album entitled “Pretty Twisted.” Insanity harnessed within the confines of music is a good way to describe the journey this album takes its listeners on, and it’s interplay with complex (yet disturbingly subtle) sound effects, mark this album as a masterful take on the perverse and beautiful. This album had 4 tracks rise into the top 100 on Beatport, and 2 into the Top 10. Lance’s dark sound has found its way into many remixes, including his remix of Bodyscrub’s “Pitched” which was released on Capsula (Italy). His remix was charted by Slam for their Drumcode chart, and it has been a mainstay in many sets by DJs around te globe. In 2011 Lance again released a massive amount of remixes, singles, and a few EPs for some selected labels all rising into the Beatport top 100. Keeping up with his releases Lance followed a heavy touring schedule in the early part of 2011, leaving the latter part of the year for major time in the studio as well as some much needed reflection time on the direction of his sound. In 2012 Lance continued strong with releases on a select number of great techno labels, as well as on his own label, Teggno. 2012 also saw the introduction of Lance's new moniker, Monix. In the final quarter of the year Lance released his first Monix full EP "Barrel 2X" on Illegal Alien Records. The sound of Monix has been quickly adopted into sets and the DJ charts of names like Chris Liebing, Tommy Four Seven, DVS1, Slam, Audio Injection / Truncate, Luciano, Paco Osuna, Len Faki, Richie Hawtin, Adam Beyer, Drumcell, Luciano, Paco Osuna, Sam Paganini, Angel Costa, DJ Hyperactive, Pfirter, Mark Morris, Xpansul, Miro Pajic, Markantonio, Erphun, Cari Lekebusch, Luigi Madonna, and many more. 2013 Lance has been releasing many new EPs under his own name as well as under his Monix alias. This coming summer will grant Lance the opportunity to get back on the road for some more foreign tours.

    Selected discography

    LANCE BLAISE - ORIGINALS Skrmbld Mnds (Original Mix) - Lance Blaise [Illegal Alien Records] 2011 Falling Apart (Original Mix) - Lance Blaise [Illegal Alien Records] 2011 Romancing The Tone (Original Mix) - Lance Blaise [Illegal Alien Records] 2011 In Comes The Duck (Original Mix) - Lance Blaise [Illegal Alien Records] 2011 In Comes The Duck (Dub Version) - Lance Blaise [Illegal Alien Records] 2011 Here Comes Treble (Original Mix) - Lance Blaise [Phobiq] 2011 I Be The Bee (Original Mix) - Lance Blaise [SPARK] 2011 I Is Raccoom (Original Mix) - Lance Blaise [SPARK] 2011 Point Of The Gorilla (Original Mix) - Lance Blaise [SPARK] 2011 With Me The Elefunt (Original Mix) - Lance Blaise [SPARK] 2011 Best Trombone (Original Mix) - Lance Blaise [Empro Music] 2010 Careful Wit Dat Ax (Original Mix) - Lance Blaise [Teggno 2010 Naked (Original Mix) - Lance Blaise [Teggno] 2010 Headbugs (Original Mix) - Lance Blaise [Teggno] 2010 Mi Pianooo (Original Mix) - Lance Blaise [Teggno] 2010 Italo Bock (Original Mix) - Lance Blaise [Teggno] 2010 Mai Tai Slaughter Bitch (Original Mix) - Lance Blaise [Teggno] 2010 Beat Yir Bird (Original Mix) - Lance Blaise [Teggno] 2010 Deep Pete (Original Mix) - Lance Blaise [Teggno] 2010 Technocaine (Original Mix) - Lance Blaise [Teggno] 2010 Forgotten (Original Mix) - Lance Blaise [Teggno] 2010 Bobbi's Steel Drum (Original Mix) - Lance Blaise [Teggno] 2010 Deep Pete (Lance's Peter Goes Deeper Edit) - Lance Blaise [Teggno] 2010 Kiss The Eagle (Original Mix) - Lance Blaise [Incorrect] 2010 Faaktree (Original Mix) - Lance Blaise [Global Underground] 2010 I Ate My Monkey (Original Mix) - Lance Blaise [Teggno] 2010 Meet My Monkey (Original Mix) - Lance Blaise [Teggno] 2010 Is This Monkey Shit (Original Mix) - Lance Blaise [Jeton] 2009 Faaktree (Our Litte Edit) - Lance Blaise [Teggno] 2009 Pitanga (Original Mix) Lance Blaise [Teggno Records] 2009 Faaktree (Original Mix) - Lance Blaise [Lo Kik Records] 2009 Kung Fu Necktie (Original Mix) Lance Blaise [Teggno] 2009 Snapback (Original Mix) - Lance Blaise [Lo Kik Records] 2009 Organik Bangkok (Original Mix) - Lance Blaise [Teggno] 2008 Snapback (Original Mix) - Lance Blaise [Teggno] 2008 Backsnapper (Original Mix) - Lance Blaise [Teggno] 2008 My Teacher Is On Drugs (Original Mix) - Lance Blaise [Teggno] 2008 Prom Queen (Original Mix) - Lance Blaise [Teggno] 2008 Hola Chica (Lance Blaise Remix) - Gforty [Teggno] 2008 LANCE BLAISE - REMIXES Accelerate (Lance Blaise Remix) – Klinika [Illegal Alien Records] 2012 Accelerate (Lance Blaise’s Vocal Tool) – Klinika [Illegal Alien Records] 2012 Sentinel (Lance Blaise's Burnt Remix) - MicRoCheep, Mollo [Frakture Audio] 2011 Always Music (Lance Blaise's String Tool) - Luis Rosario [Sketchbook] 2011 Sequence (Lance Blaise's Out Of Sequence Remix) - Andrea Rubolini [Finish Team] 2011 Confused Mutants (Lance Blaise Remix) – Microvibez [Roasted Recordings] 2011 Hunt U Down (Lance Blaise Vocal Mix) - Lucca [Sound Of Acapulco] 2011 GTX Drift (Lance Blaise Remix) - Christian Fischer [Definition Records] 2010 Breakpoint (Lance Blaise Remix) - Locomatica [LCMTC] 2010 Afro Drum (Lance Blaise Remix) - Rosie Romero, Kyfu [Avanti] 2010 Gangland (Lance Blaise Remix) - Locomatica [Sex Panda Records] 2010 Nutz Noise (Lance Blaise Remix) - Petrae Foy, PJC Project, Rosie Romero [Mad Hatter] 2010 Pitched (Lance Blaise Remix) - Bodyscrub [capsula] 2010 Take & Shake (Lance Blaise Remix) - Sam Ball [Teggno] 2010 Chaotischen Verkehr (Lance Blaise Remix) - Fernando Tessis [Punch Underground] 2010 Nice Guy (Lance Blaise Remix) - Subfractal [Killing Machine] 2010 Take Me (Lance Blaise Remix) - Lance DeSardi [Mecha] 2010 Girls On Ketamine (Lance Blaise's Ketaset Remix) - Nico Strides [Mad Hatter] 2010 Sarcastic (Lance Blaise Remix) - Elemental X [Amaze Me] 2010 Drumaddic (Lance Blaise's Percaddic Remix) - Alex Bau [Teggno] 2009 I Can't Read Your Mind (Lance Blaise Remix) - Marcos Carnaval [UC Music] 2009 El Calido Verano (Lance Blaise Remix) - Stefano Frisoni [Teggno] 2009 La Loca (Lance Blaise's 5am Remix) - Becka [Gotham City Records] 2009 Manada (Lance Blaise's Broken Kickstand Remix) - Anderson Noise [Teggno] 2009 Turbolator (Lance Blaise Remix) - Cytric [Teggno] 2009 Zullufire (Lance Blaise's Trapped In Ibiza Mix) - Christian Fischer [Teggno] 2009 Drugstore Cowboys (Lance Blaise's Ibiza Cowgirls Remix) - Tattoo Detectives [Teggno] 2009 5 Finger Discount (Lance Blaise Pussy Poppin Rmx) - Beatmode, Carl Anians [Mad Hatter] 2009 Pitanga (Lance Blaise's Little Rumba Remix) - Lance Blaise [Teggno] 2009 Muvuca (Lance Blaise's 'Gettin 2 Gnome Mi' Remix) - Alex Dias [Teggno] 2009 Muvuca (Lance Blaise Remix) Alex Dias - Lance Blaise [Teggno] 2009 Looking For Love (Lance Blaise Remix) - Maysa Moura, Anthony Garcia [We Love Brasil] 2009 Fred's House (Lance Blaise's Remix) - Ricardo Tatoo, Rafael Abiramia [We Love Brasil] 2009 Mind Games (Lance Blaise’s F’d Up On K Remix) - Jon Rundell [Teggno] 2009 Black Tar (Lance Blaise Pretty Bird Mix) - Rowe, Anthony Attalla [System Recordings] 2009 Four Ports (Lance Blaise's Remix) - Rudi Stakker, Curious George, The Agent [Mad Hatter ] 2009 Supa Chron (Lance Blaise Mnml Fatality Mix) - Mephisto Odyssey, Travis T [Groove Quest] 2009 Mistaken (Lance Blaise Remix) - Frank Chiarello [Teggno] 2009 Drugstore Cowboys (Lance Blaise Remix) - Tattoo Detectives [Teggno] 2009 Monkey Tump (Monkey Tump (Lance Blaise Happy Monkey Remix) - Gforty [Teggno] 2008 Monkey Tump (Monkey Tump (Lance Blaise Angry Monkey Remix) - Gforty [Teggno] 2008 Is That So (Lance Blaise's Train Mix) - Carlo Lio [Rawthentic Music] 2008 - TATTOO DETECTIVES - ORIGINALS Drugstore Cowboys (Original Mix) - Tattoo Detectives [Teggno] 2009 W3 Luv Ho5 (Original Mix) - Tattoo Detectives [Teggno] 2008 Bump Me 2 Mars (Original Mix) - Tattoo Detectives [Teggno] 2008 Pogo Chick (Original Mix) - Tattoo Detectives [Teggno] 2008 Plastic Bacon (Original Mix) - Tattoo Detectives [Teggno] 2007 Skype Or Die (Original Mix) - Tattoo Detectives [Teggno] 2007 Jungle Jerks (Original Mix) - Tattoo Detectives [Teggno] 2007-08-30 Chuggin Beers With Godzilla (Original Mix) - Tattoo Detectives [Teggno] 2007 El Fun Dipper (Original Mix) - Tattoo Detectives [Teggno] 2007 Dirty Volume (Original Mix) - Tattoo Detectives [Teggno] 2007 The Lady Downstairs Hates Our Music (Original Mix) - Tattoo Detectives [Teggno] 2007 Stealing Bodies (Original Mix) - Tattoo Detectives [Teggno Records] 2007 Like A Bitch (Original Mix) - Tattoo Detectives [Playloop] 2006 Like A Bitch (Dub Mix) - Tattoo Detectives [Playloop] 2006 Don't Call Me Joanne (Original Mix) - Tattoo Detectives [Playloop] 2006 Ut952 (Original Mix) - Tattoo Detectives [Playloop] 2006 ETC. (Original Mix) - Tattoo Detectives [Playloop Records] 2006 Il Salto Fuori (Crazy Mix) - Tattoo Detectives [Playloop] 2006 Il Salto Fuori (Original Mix) - Tattoo Detectives [Playloop] 2006 She Bleep N' Bloops (Chocolate Mix) - Tattoo Detectives [Playloop] 2006 She Bleep N' Bloops (White Mix) - Tattoo Detectives [Playloop] 2006 TATTOO DETECTIVES - REMIXES Quantum (Tattoo Detectives Remix) - Lucca [Sound Of Acapulco] 2009 Solarize (Tattoo Detectives Remix) - Stevie Cripps [TechHead] 2008 Light And Shade (Tattoo Detectives Remix) - Kube 72 [Teggno] 2008 Quantum (Tattoo Detectives Remix) - Lucca [Sound Of Acapulco] 2008 80 Chords (Tattoo Detectives Remix) - Elton D [Definition Records] 2008 Mr. Confusion (Tattoo Detectives Remix) - Taurus & Vaggeli [Teggno] 2008 Bass Killed The DJ (Tattoo Detectives Remix - Vegim [Take More Music Records] 2008 Fucking Fresh Beats (Tattoo Detectives Remix) - Josh Love, Pette Vaydex [Techment Rec] 2007 Loco (Tattoo Detectives Remix) - Carlo Lio [Kitsam] 2007 Do You Wanna Play (Tattoo Detectives Remix) - Jerome Baker [Teggno] 2007 Epitomy feat. Micah (Tattoo Detectives Remix) - Taurus & Vaggeli [Teggno] 2007 The Rising Storm feat. Alan T (Tattoo Detectives Remix) - Adam Freemer [TWISTED] 2007 - TACOPIMP - ORIGINALS Transvestites On K (Original Mix) - Tacopimp [Teggno] 2008 Transvestites In Love (Original Mix) - Tacopimp [Teggno] 2008 Snapback (Original Mix) - Tacopimp [Teggno Records] 2007 Backsnapper (Original Mix) - Tacopimp [Teggno] 2007 TACOPIMP - REMIXES My Projekt (Tacopimp's BOWWW Tool) - Jason Bay [Teggno] 2011 Hola Chica (Tacopimp's Italian Handjob Remix) - Gforty [Teggno Records] 2008 Yeehaw Junction (Tacopimp Mix) - Tattoo Detectives [Playloop Records] 2007 - K O N G - ORIGINALS Mount Ketaset (Original Mix) - K O N G [Plus Plus] 2010