Soul Of Hex



  • Duo of DJs, Producers, Multi-Instrumentalists from Tijuana, Mexico. Running the record label VICARIO.
    Though they are only in their mid-20s, brothers Gerardo and Emanuel Cedillo have been intimately involved in dance music for over a decade. They got their start as one half of Kry-Lon, a duo that sat at the forefront of the “new rave” scene in his hometown of Tijuana, Mexico. In the years since, Cedillo brothers had grown enormously as producers DJ's and multi-instrumentalists, and keep themselves busy running the label Vicario Musique Recordings. As Soul Of Hex, they conjure up astral deep house odysseys, drawing from the raw sensuality and restraint of classic house and techno, while incorporating jazzy flourishes and colorful shifts in tone, rhythm and texture. In 2014, Larry Heard himself stepped in to remix the Soul Of Hex track “Lip Reading,” and their DJ schedule has been hectic ever since, including an appearance at Amsterdam’s Dekmantel Festival in 2017.

    Selected discography

    'Lip Reading' (Remixes by Larry Heard AKA Mr. Fingers, Vin Sol & NY AK). On CVMR 'The Muth' (Remix by Henry Wu) on Freerange Records 'Sleep Mistakes' ft. Albert Vogt (Remix by Glenn Astro) on CVMR 'Snake Snares' on Freerange Records 'Square Bounce' on DFTD 'Tetro' on Vicario Musique Recordings