Simon Garcia



  • Simon has seen his works released on labels such as Poker Flat, Supplement Facts, Perspectiv or Composite among other high-profile labels, releasing original tracks or remixing for the likes of DJ Yellow, Sasse, Matthias Vogt or Lee Burrdige, and bring..
    'Brilliant, pure dancefloor heaven' - Laurent Garnier Born in late '70s, Simon grew up listening legendary bands such as Depeche Mode, New Order or Kraftwerk, but also enjoying genres like Blaxploited Funk, Latin-Rock, Rare Disco, '90s House or Acid-Jazz, among many other things. A musical bagage that later would found an artistic point in common on himself. Nowadays, Simon has seen his works released on labels such as Poker Flat, Freerange, Pets, Compost, Supplement Facts, Perspectiv or Composite among other high-profile labelsi, releasing original tracks or remixing for the likes of DJ Yellow, Sasse, Henry Saiz, Matthias Vogt (from Motorcitysoul), Kyodai, Lee Burrdige, Mikael Stavöstrand, Kixnare, Tomoki Tamura and others. His genuine, timeless, personal, hypnotic and futuristic sound is already getting support for the likes of many of the most respected worldwide tastemakers: Guy Gerber, Steve Bug, Jimpster, Catz ’N Dogz, Ripperton or Silicone Soul, who with Simon has edited several releases on their own labels. A kind of sound that led him to get invited from the world's leading sound-designing brand Loopmasters to join their prestigious Artist Series collection. The library got an extraordinary response, and very soon he will start his very own collection 'Simon Garcia's Hypnotic Vibes'. With a constant tour schedule having performed in cities such as London, San Francisco, Tokyo, Glasgow, Barcelona, Miami, Malta, New York, Paris, Venezia, Stockholm, Saint Petersburg, Oporto, Geneva, Warsaw or Mexico DF, among many others around the world, he's also the resident DJ & host of two of the main House / Techno clubnights in Madrid, MOTEL Club and Replay Sunset Parties, bringing guests such as Matthew Dear, Radio Slave, Catz 'N Dogz, Âme, Konrad Black, KiNK, Mark Henning, Sasse, DJ Yellow and more international acts, becoming a must places for clubbers in the capitol's nightlife.

    Selected discography

    ORIGINAL WORK Simon Garcia ‘Ataraxia EP’ [POKER FLAT] Simon Garcia ‘Radians EP’ [FREERANGE] Simon Garcia ‘Singularity’ [DARKROOM DUBS] Simon Garcia 'Control' [PETS] Simon Garcia 'Cavern EP' [POKER FLAT] Simon Garcia 'Tears In Vain' [PERSPECTIV] Simon Garcia 'Found In Translation EP' [QUARTZ REC] Simon Garcia 'Cinematique EP' [SUPPLEMENT FACTS / SUPPLEMENTAL] Simon Garcia 'Fantalicious' [PARADIGMA] Simon Garcia 'Hallucinogenic / Raw War' [DIEB AUDIO] REMIX WORK Tanov ‘Salicorne’ (Simon Garcia’s Start Up remix) [PARALLEL] Cosmic Cowboys ‘Counterpast’ (Simon Garcia’s Raw Live Take) [ROTARY COCKTAIL] James Teej ‘Moonstalker’ (Simon Garcia remix) [GALAKTIKA] Sigward ‘Black Mambo’ (Simon Garcia remix) [SoHaSo] Henry Saiz ‘Moonlight Wolf’ (Simon Garcia’s Treptower dub) [NATURA SONORIS] S!LK + Apon ‘Naked Sun’ (Simon Garcia’s Retrofuture remix) [DEKAY] Nir Shoshani ‘Ajami’ (Simon Garcia remix) [AEON] Kyodai ‘Music Rises Up’ (Simon Garcia’s The Real Helath dub) [EXPLOITED] DJ Yellow + Flowers & Sea Creatures 'As Goes The Sun' (Simon Garcia's Headhunter remix) [COMPOST] Kixnare 'Obsessed' (Simon Garcia remix) [PETS] Martin Aquino 'Aomame' (Simon Garcia's Gets You There remix) [SURFACE] Mikael Stavöstrand 'The Other One' (Simon Garcia's Tunnel Vision dub) [AMAM] R. N. O. 'Moody Swings' (Simon Garcia's Cosmic Affairs remx) [ARTREFORM] Kyodai 'Never Know' (Simon Garcia's Future Funk remix) [POKER FLAT] Henry Saiz 'Our Discovery' (Simon Garcia remix) [NATURA SONORIS] Matias Valdmont 'Love & Joy' (Simon Garcia's Coast Drivin' remix) [ESPERANZA]l Sasse & Stelios Vassiloudis 'The Z' (Simon Garcia remix) [BEDROCK] Carballo 'Hats & Love' (Simon Garcia's Hypnofunk dub) [LOWPITCH] Lee Burridge & Matthew Dekay 'Wongel' (Simon Garcia's Absolut dub) [CÉCILLE] Matthias Vogt 'I Dreamed' (Simon Garcia Future Funk remix) [DIEB AUDIO] Soundexile 'The Unknow' (Simon Garcia's Mioxam remix) [NATURA SONORIS] DJ Yellow 'Dancing With The Starz' (Simon Garcia remix) [COMPOSITE]