• Producer, composer and guitarist based in Paris.
    Shcaa composes music at his own pace. He approaches sounds as substances that need to be processed and arranged according to their given nature and purpose. No other frame can rightly define his art than this singular relationship with textures, harmonies and rhythms. When these synesthetic laws are considered in a composition, spaces and their own physical orders are unveiled, worlds converse and organic life is embodied by pulsating transients. Silences are killed and brought to life again, cadenced by the cyclic flow of frequencies through time. It is said that about 500 plant species are depicted in Botticelli’s Primavera. The staging transcends the subject and the message escapes from reason as it reaches ineffable emotions. This is what the artist aims for, pushing the borders of the universe he has just created, as far as he can. Beyond its physicality, this universe sometimes keeps expanding in the subconscious of those who listen and envision.

    Selected discography

    No Moon At All What, A Night (Apollo Records) Golconde (Sharingtones Records) An Ungrateful Death (R&S Records) Camera Obscura (Archipel)
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