• A Berlin techno DNA, Rock 'n Roll. Shaken, not stirred.
    Forged from the vigour of Love Parade, honed in the grit and rawness of Tresor and Berghain, perfected by the enduring decadence of Bar25, the sound of Rodaq deftly eludes any attempt to categorise it. Indeed, one needs to experience it in person to quickly be hypnotised by its beguiling fluidity and energy. Hailing from Berlin and now with Singapore as his base, Rodaq has the fast emerging Southeast Asian scene as his oyster. He now regularly serves his unique blend of undulating techno and trippy tech-house to legions of clubbers and festival devotees across Europe, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines. A versatile DJ and a prolific producer, his first EP on Insist Music has been enthusiastically played by the likes of Laurent Garnier, Riva Starr and Tim Green. Since then, he has released many more fresh tracks on Sweatbox Records, Loot Recordings and other revered labels. Rhythmic yet twisted, punchy yet ethereal, far-reaching yet pithy, there is always method to his madness.

    Selected discography

    2018 // Cervidae EP / Insist Music 2018 // Dentation EP / Sweatbox Records 2019 // Toledo / Loot Recordings 2020 // Pollock Hill EP / Loot Recordings