Renato Ratier



  • Renato Ratier, D-Edge's DJ and mastermind, has behind him more than 17 years devoted to music with the kind of research of those who don't shackle themselves within genres.
    Renato Ratier has established himself as a major player on the national and international Dj circuit, playing since 1996 granting a fun time and quality music to an ever demanding audience, been always present at big events and clubs around the world. He is the main person behind the legendary Brazilian club D-Edge as a founder, owner and Dj resident, further more since 2011 he became the partner/owner and resident of Warung Beach Club, driven by his constant urge to push himself and evolve his new venture Holzmarkt in Berlin is an example of his attitude as a visionary. Playing alongside some of the best and most celebrated artists, Renato has definitely put the country on the global electronic music scene, bringing over 1000 international Djs under his wing besides playing many gigs in South America, Europe, USA and Africa, his sounds has several different influences from the Chicago house to electro rock, techno, disco and minimal, his versatile style is of a Dj that engages with the audience to secure an unforgettable night wherever he plays. After 17 years behind the turntables and more musically mature, Renato released a compilation (Brazilian Gigolo) for the label Gigolo Records, in 2013 further productions have only added to his success with two Ep's "Soul Machine" on D-Edge Records and "True Love" on the new Berlin label Light my Fire from Oliver Koletzki, his other release was the single "21" which came out on the new Brazilian label Warung Records for the compilation VA Brava Brazil, his debut album will be released on D-edge Records in July 2013.