• Heading from NOONENOSE, to the united planets...
    PRIOLEAU is a versatile producer based in Zürich. Influenced by different styles, currently focusing on fast breaks, techno and rough analogue sounds, all that made his latest productions pretty various. 2016 Manuel Fischer, Abdel Hady and Prioleau launched their record label Ozelot ltd. Prioleau developed himself, thru 4 records from deep grooves to heavy hitting saturated techno pieces. As a DJ he tries to forget genres and breaks thru. He plays from foreign “kitsch” disco to fast techno and future-trance. Last year he started a new project together with Nico Sun and Julian Stauffer called RNG. The live-jam based sounds are perfectly described as acid-kraut-electronica. Supported by the culture-department, city of Zürich, their first record is going to be recorded in Spring 2019.

    Selected discography

    Ozelot Ltd. 001 slip with Manuel Fischer 002 slip with Manuel Fischer 003 slip with Manuel Fischer & The Iceman 004 slip with Manuel Fischer 005 Solo EP