• Just Porn-Music.... ;)
    Say hi to Sven & Sven, aka the Pornbugs! From the beginnig, Sven&Sven were connected to electric music. Since 2005 they play together as Pornbugs, thats the deep-techhouse-project of the guys, with extrem dancefloor oriented sound. From January 2006 they started their own label project called “BONDAGE MUSIC”, which was founded as a panel for ambitious sound from Deephouse to Techhouse. The label has been a real influence in the global electronic dance music scene today. The vision of Bondage Music is based on bringing authentic, quality and honest dance music. Dance music, which is making you move and brings you in contact with the heart and a deeper place in your soul. It’s all about experiencing and catching those great moments on the dance floor. Bondage music releases music on vinyl and digital and has resident artists like Mihai Popoviciu, Markus Homm, El Mundo, Dilby, Pornbugs, Peter Makto & Gregory S, Frink, Stefan Riegauf, Philipp Gonzales. Bondage Music also has a weekly radioshow every Wednesday from 11 PM to Midnight on Ibiza Global Radio. Sven & Sven Both love the deeper side of electronic music with many funk and soul, but every time raw and kicking, a extrem dancefloor oriented sound. The structure of a PORNBUGS set is very different, they like to play several styles in one set like deep-house, tech-house or minimal-techno. Their international gigs has lead them to Ibiza, New York, London, Barcelona, Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires, Santiago, San Francisco, Washington - to name only a few. You can listen to Pornbugs distinctive sound at their “Bondage-Music label nights” in various venues in Berlin. In April 2017 Pornbugs returned back with their new vinyl release on Bondage-Music inclusive a remix by Mihai Popoviciu. Furthermore the guys released their remix for the Mihai Popoviciu on the “Home” remix album edition in May 2017 and another remix for Peter Makto & Gregory S on SitDown Recordings and a mix compilation on Bondage-Music. 2018 started with a remix for Dilby & Aquarius Heaven, the latest EP of the guys was released September 2018 incl. remixes by Pablo Bolivar and Philipp Gonzales, subsequently another remix for Mihai Popoviciu on Truesounds. Early 2019 they released two new remixes, one for Markus Homm and another one for NTFO and another one in October for Nima Gorji. Early March 2020 follow to more remixes one for Philipp Gonzales and another one for Alex Ranerro, before the two guys release a new track on a vinyl only release and their new EP “Light Shows The Way Out “.