• It's safe to say that if you've made it this far we probably like the same music right? There's charts, mixes and a likely to never exist selection of phantasmic productions of mine to sample here (I'll finish something one day) so do please click on!
    I could go on to extol the virtues of any number of obscure genres, blab about the influence of the parental record collection or make any number of ‘from the tender age of’-ish descriptions but we find those all quite boring now don’t we? Suffice it to say I quite like house and techno be it dark, deep, uplifting, minimal or raw provided it’s genuine and engaging. All of which is basically my way of saying I can’t ever have too many Shed or Villalobos records. These are all gigs lost to the annals of clubbing but in any case I’ve played alongside A Guy Called Gerald, Silicone Soul, Audiofly and Luca Bacchetti at Brisbane’s now defunct BarSoma. All of which likely means very little but the fun bits always bear mentioning right? Ancient history lessons aside, do have a listen to whatever you may find here then proceed to like, comment or abuse away. Do go lightly on the last option though, no-one likes a negative nancy. I was a also a music critic (writer) so have something of an informed opinion, though hopefully not one too arrogant or impossible!
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