• Omnis is a project from two creative minds.
    Music makes you festive, Music gives you celebration, Music makes you dance and singing. Your Celebration, Your Dance, Will Be Enough to Prevent the War. Omnis is Life in totally, Omnis means: whatever happens is irrelevant – We celebrate. When we happy then we will celebrate life. Life brings unhappiness – ok, We celebrate it. Life brings happiness – ok, we celebrate it. Celebration is our attitude, unconditional to what life brings. Now forget you Self in our Music, then if you are happy there is no time, time disappears. We are all FRIENDS OF MUSEEK. Creating progress on self bring us in harmony, playing with frecuencys, scals and feeling the tone colour, is pitching our soul note. we see music as a universal religion, we use music as a tool to destroy personality structure and connecting us to our Consciousness, Music can give you little moments of enlightenment. The German Duo in munic based started project Omnis 2015 Simon Himalaya and Sillkill conected same love to music til today. they play very diffrent gigs, first in many clubs in munic like rote sonne, Bullit, Harry klein, after that in africa and asia. Omnis stay for no dualism. theyre influence is a lot of party and to other side a pitch perfekt

    Selected discography

    Singles: 1 EP's: 9 Album: 3 Various artist album: 60 higher perspective EP - 23.7.2016 Laber SoundOnSound higer perspective Album - 31.07.2016 Label SoundOnSound Funk Spirit EP - 14.09.2016 - laber bedroomrecords09 Mystical Love Ep 21.092016 label Gene 9 Records Weekennd'er Ep - 10.12.2016 label LDN Trax Sunrise Ep 04.01.2017 label LDN Trax Higer perspective Album 19.01.2017 label LDN TRAX Electronic Avantegarde Album 19.08.2017 label Gene 9 Records Self Reflection EP 24.01.2018 label Boogie Recordings Let's Get single - 07.02.2018 label Conic Circle Living for the Weekend EP- 1903.2018 Give it to me EP - 12.04.2018 label SoundOnSound Wet Dream Ep 30.04.2018 LDN TRAX About You Album - 07.05.2018 Various Artist album labels: Bach Music Rebellious SoundOnSound LDN Trax chemical Vibez fleur da mal Records