• Athens-based French DJ and producer OKO DJ. Member of label BFDM and of parisian collective Bruits de la Passion. Founder of LYL Radio Paris. Radio broadcaster of women only's "PU$$Y NIGHTMARE" on LYL Radio, and "Bad Girls Cry Too" on Movement Radio.
    Originally from Paris, and now based in Athens, Marine Tordjmann alias OKO DJ's implacable rise to prominence has seen her establish as one of the finest DJs and producers to pace the world's stages.  Core element of Judaah's Lyon-via-Marseilles operated label BFDM, member of Bruits De La Passion - a crew promoting alternative, off-piste parties that aspire to create safe spaces for creation and recreation, initiator of LYL Radio's Parisian antenna where she hosts her bimestrial show Pu$$y Nightmare - focused on casting a broader, more comprehensive light on female artists, she also runs a bimestrial show on Athens Movement Radio, focusing exclusively on hard dance genres ; all of that agenda attracting her wider recognition on an international level. 2020 has seen OKO DJ make a noticed debut in solo production with a track on Metaphore's imprint compilation, followed by an acclaimed first 4 tracks experimental EP on Futur 2010, featuring "one of the coolest downtempo tracks of the year" (RA). OKO DJ aims at exploring connections rather than divisions, bridging gaps with spirituality rather than widening them. Dishing out distinctively rich, genre-busting tapestries that transcend all limitative roles, Tordjemann has the secret to channeling surrounding energies and forces in her art with unrestrained panache and authenticity.

    Selected discography

    2021 - OKO DJ "When Her Lust Had Returned" (Décalé Records) 2020 - OKO DJ "Dans Les Lunes" EP (Futur 2010) 2019 - OKO DJ "Through Scalar Waves" (Metaphore Industrie) 2019 - Women In The Royal Court EP (Red Bull Music Studios Paris) 2016 - Marine Tordjmann feat. GAM / colletivo vandalismo "Rider" (Eye For An Eye Recordings)