• Mugwump is building a legacy of music fusing 80's pop, EBM, indie, dub, film scores, kraut, industrial, post-punk & new-beat influences with house, disco & techno.
    Since its launch in 2014 thanks to a cemented collaboration with !K7, Mugwump’s Subfield label steadily releases music from him and like-minded artists (Front De Cadeaux, VoiceKoder, Jimi After, DC Salas,...) that fuses house, techno, disco and electro with a definitive open-minded attitude. The Mugwump debut-album, « Unspell » in 2015 gained plaudits all across the board and led to fo a series of European live shows at major Benelux festivals & venues within a 4-piece band that kept on shining off on the Metempsycho EP. The following Drape LP with the band gathered post-punk, indie pop, psych & noise influences over his own, conscious, parlando-style lyrics. Geoffroy Mugwump is primilarly a (highly-respected) DJ tough, with a 20 years experience and an history in assembling spot-on mixes and compilations predominantly for the iconic Crammed Discs label... He came to the fore as an exponent of the Belgian thriving electronic scene in the early 90s (trough the pioneering Belgian house institution, the Food Club) after an early stint as KM5 resident in Ibiza. He has played worldwide ever since, with solid ties in the UK, being the only Belgian dj to ever guest at one of many nights curared by the late Andrew Weatherall (having also swapped remixes) and having been represented by UK dance icon, Jon Dasilva (Hacienda, Manchester). He has a long-standing recording relation with Cologne's Kompakt records and released music on an impressive label list including R&S, Gigolo, Misericord, Cocoon, Throne of Blood, Endless Flight, Eskimo, Astrolab, Permanent Vacation, International Feel. His talents have been consistently sought after yet rarely pinned down. He runs the Leftorium clubnight in Brussels (past dj guests include Ivan Smagghe, Andrew Weatherall, Superpitcher, Matias Aguayo, Optimo’s JG Wilkes, Prins Thomas, Sascha Funke, Gerd Janson, Ata or Roman Flügel,...). Latest Mugwump remixes include Tuff City Kids, La Belle, Ceeys, La Jungle, a "Moving House" compilation (his cult 90's CD series on Crammed Discs revamped on Subfield/!K7) and new EP's from Belgian producers and a new electronic solo LP by Mugwump are now scheduled on Subfield.

    Selected discography

    MUGWUMP SINGLES & EXCLUSIVE COMP TRACKS: "Mudcleaner" (Suicide) "Mugtrance-Prozac über alles" (Suicide) "Lost in the Sweatbox" (Mugwump Trax 01) "Ram-Ram"-"Rebuked" (Mugwump Trax 02) "Memory Lane Refund" (Mood Music) "Boutade" (Misericord) "Yanja" (Disco 45) "Meditation EP" (Kompakt) "Fears Inc./Nothing without you" (Kompakt) "Mindflexes" (Cocoon 10') "Tellakian circles" incl. Runaway remix (Endless Flight/Mule Musiq) "Die Nacht ist kuhl"/"Steamulus"(Gigolo) "Stanza" (Eskimo, exclusive track on "Cosmic Balearic Beats vol 2") "T-Coy jelly drops" (Permanent Vacation, exclusive track on "If this is house, I want my money back vol 1" compilation) "Everything remains/Parser" (R&S) "The Congregation of Discalced Clerks/Concrete skankin'" (Throne of Blood) "The losing game (excl. track on 'Total 11'/Kompakt) "E40 Blues/Raping the world we left behind" (Kompakt) "Dissidaze" (excl. track on "I'm starting to feel okay vol 4" cd + 12'/Endless Flight) "Turmerica"/Jacobite Fool" (International Feel) with Pete Herbert "Morning Glory Daze" (excl. track on "A few(more) things on Ivan Smagghe" cd/Colette) "God is Gracious" (excl. track on "Treasure Hunting" cd /Astrolab) "Parallel Lifetimes" (Let's Play House) "Boutade" 2013 techno redux (International Feel) "Caltrops" with DC Salas on Correspondant compilation vol. 2 (Correspondant) "Interluudes" EP (Subfield/!K7) Mugwump "Unspell" LP (Subfield/!K7) Mugwump "Metempsycho EP" (Subfield/!K7) Mugwump “Until You’re Worth It” A.Weatherall / Mark E remixes (Subfield/!K7) Mugwump “Halo” Mugwump & DC Salas / Jack Savidge (Friendly Fires) remixes (Subfield/!K7) Mugwump “After They Fall” Runaway / Tuff City Kids / Eskimo Twins / Mugwump & DC Salas remixes (Subfield/!K7) Mugwump “Unspell” Deluxe Remix EP Manfredas/Richard Norris/Runaway/Mugwump remixes (Subfield/!K7) Geoffroy Mugwump « Moving House 2017 » (Subfield/!K7) Mugwump "God is Gracious" (excl. track on « Moving House 2017 » / Subfield/!K7) Mugwump & Pete Herbert « Brundlefly » (excl. track on « Moving House 2017 » / Subfield/!K7) Mugwump “Dissolve (excl. track on “The Infinite Loop Volume 01 » / Reinhardt Music) Mugwump "Drape" LP (Subfield/!K7) Mugwump "Undraped & Draped-Out" LP, instrumentals & Curses, Roman Flügel, Tuff City Kids, Vox Low, Rheinzand, Max Pask, VoiceKoder remixes (Subfield/!K7) MUGWUMP REMIXES: Jeff Bennett "Sitting Bull" (Hi-Phen) Tim Paris "Sofitel Palm Beach" (Tom Bone) George Thomson "Laidback Snack Attack" (Crosstown Rebels) Soldout "I dont want to have sex with you" (Dirty Dancing) Jean Winner "Alive & Kicking" (Eskimo) Bamboola Prod "Good Time" (Bamboola) J Rod & Pat Nice ft Joe Good "Peter Pan (Brique Rouge) Bob Sinclar "Love Generation" (Legato) Dirk Technic "I love you" (10 Kilo) Shena "Electrosexual" (Azuli) Shapemod feat. Snax "Love's too much" (Suicide) DJ 4T4 & Mauro Pawlowski (Deus) "One foot in life" (Format) Mike Monday "Late developper" (Playtime) Dj Did "Shake it" (Brown Eyed Boyz) Juergen Paape "Come into my life" (RAR/Kompakt) Rocha "Hands of love (fingers of sand)" (International Feel) Shout out out out "In the end it's your friends" (Normals Welcome) DC Salas "Peru" Mugwump rmx (Doctor Vinyl) O.Children "Heels" (Deadly People) Booghaloo Zoo "I got" (Love Monk) Hardway Bros "The Flesh" (Astrolab) Corinne "Dream a little dream" (On the Prowl) Pink Stallone "Dancing in time" (Under The Shade) CCC "Acid Snow" (CCC) Aka Jk "26002600" (Throne Of Blood) Los Lopez "Are u a Lesbian ?" (Days of Being Wild) The Asphodells "A Love from Outer Space" (Rotter's Golf Club) Sonns "On my mind" Mugwump & DC Salas remix (Machine Limited) Ulysses "Banf the Box" Mugwump & DC Salas remix (Subfield) 2CV "SUSD" Mugwump remix (La Belle) Marie Warnant "Peace & Freedom" Mugwump remix (Idizou) Soldout "Oppression" Mugwump remix (Flat Cat) RufMar "Bobby" Mugwump & DC Salas remix (Tusk) Ceeys "Rüber" Mugwump remix - out soon Tuff City Kids "Boilered" Mugwump remix (Permanent Vacation) La Jungle "Cold" Mugwump remix (Black Basset)