• Osaka Japan’s true underground finest DJ
    Osaka Japan’s true underground finest DJ ‘KA4U(pronounce is kasyu)’. Since starting his own party "MIDI_sai", which celebrates his 20th anniversary this year, he has had a great influence on the early breakcore scene in which he pursued extreme and radical dance music and synchronized the world with the local. In 2004, when he played in Detroit, he found a common concept of ghetto, electro, and hardcore, and accelerated the diversity that all music was connected like gradation. The unpredictable play that bends the theory that is too unique for the song gets a great deal of trust and entrance fee from the cloud with a bent ear. In recent years, he has appeared in the UK "BANGFACE WEEKENDER" in 2017. Released the mixed tape "Raving for slave" in 2019. Organizing "AltPass" newly from 2020, at the same time facing the problem of covid. And He have been organizing the party called "MIDI_sai" in Japan. It has been supporting and introducing japanese and international extreme electro rave music, independent electronic music to ears of music lovers in japan widely. Also MIDI_sai is the first breakcore representative in Japan since 2000.

    Selected discography