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  • Born in Argentina in 1984, Sebastian Lopez falls in love with electronic music since he is very young Loving the characteristic sound from Chicago and Detroit, he begins his professional career in 1998. With only 14 years he gets his first reside..
    Sebastian Lopez was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He became involved with electronic music since very young, taking as reference the musical career of his older brother Gustavo Lopez Lover of the characteristic sound of the 90's in Chicago and Detroit and even more of the modern German sound, Sebastian began his career with only 14 years by creating a group called Equinoccio. By these times he had a strong techno sound, his Lives full of energy and solid groove positioned him as one of the young promises of the Argentinean electronic scene. Soon later he began to change his style, being influenced by more organic sounds from the U.S. west coast. Styles like House, Deep House and Tech House led him to present himself to the public as Junior Lopez. His first DJ sets were a great success and thanks to the impact they caused, he earned the respect of some of the best national DJs and producers. In the early 2001 he moved Europe to expand artistic and personal horizons with a proposal from Sum Records label to create a sub division in Madrid. Together with Diego Cid, he was one of the engines of Luxury Grooves, label that marked a milestone in the Argentinean electronic music history. They edit a surprising amount of vinyl of Argentine artists, among which were two ep's signed with his name, two ep's with his brother under the alter ego Low Sound and countless remixes which round out the historical catalog. During this period Junior got fully involved in the management of Record Labels, together with a night agenda that brought him to discover many countries of Europe and America and, with only 19 years, to play at Space Ibiza. With Luxury Grooves already extinct, he decided to change course again and that is how he landed in the city of Barcelona where he got together with his older brother with whom, in less than a year, became a fundamental part of the local scene, earning the respect of the public and local DJs. 2006 was a year of change, with a solid experience, Junior decided to step to the digital revolution and to change analog vinyl format for a –then new- digital mixing system. And created what today is a great platform for digital music: Acktivism Recordings. To be part of the MP3 revolution he associated with Beatport.com, which at that time was just a little electronic music store and now is probably the largest market for sales and distribution of electronic music in digital format. Without doubt the label met expectations, as it was one of the Spanish labels with highest sales in 2008, and discovered many artists who would later be part of major labels as Minus, Spectral, Stockholm Ltd, CLR, SINO, Sci Tec, among others. In 2007 Junior went back to his techno roots and stands out more and more as a producer, by this times his alterego "Flug" is born, pseudonym under which he released some of his greatest hits on labels like Alchemy, Stockholm Ltd, Sleaze, SINO, among others. But he never gets too far from House music and his track "Junior Lopez - Deep City" reached the top 4 of the Deep House chart at Beatport. Many of its tracks were in the top 100 on Beatport. Without a doubt the many years of experience and dedication to produce, paid off to the dizzying career of this young artist, who traveled more than 100 cities in Europe and America. His interest in technology led him to create a different kind of styling the classic and known dj sets, which are characterized by an unusual setup and always surprising devices. His ability to play two opposing styles such as house and techno generates an eclectic climax in each of his sets.

    Selected discography

    JUNIOR LOPEZ: Releases: 2002 Luxury Grooves - (Summer P) Ep .... 2002 Luxury Grooves - Children Ep.... 2002 Luxury Grooves - Samba Ep.... 2002 Luxury Grooves - Feel the Groove Ep.... 2003 Luxury Grooves - Mogollon the groove Ep.... 2004 Huron Records - Bass & Bass Ep.... 2005 Justified Cause Rec - Groove Dreams Ep .... 2005 Minipark - J.L.X.L. & Diego Cid - Ep 2006 Acktivism Recordings - Time to Acktivism Ep. .... 2006 Acktivism Recordings - Dear Love Ep .... 2008 Deep Class - Deep City .... 2008 Celular Editions - Found Trebol On My Way Ep .... 2008 Celular Editions - Pure Air Ep.... 2008 Acktivism Recordings - Danza De Mascaras Ep .... 2008 Acktivism Recordings - Some Worm Ep.... 2008 Deep Class - Really Hold Ep.... 2008 Acktivism Recordings - Friends Ep.... 2009 Deep Class - Pure Ep.... 2009 Celular Editions - Casino Ep.... 2009 Acktivism Recordings - 10 Years Of House Music LP 2009 Acktivism Recordings - From The Begining 2009 Acktivism Recordings - She Is Coming 2010 Acktivism Recordings - Tracks From The Past Ep 2010 Acktivism Recordings - Broke My Buffer Remixes: 2003 TRAX Records - Ralphie Rosario - U Used To Hold Me.... 2003 TRAX Records - Marshall Jefferson - Move Your Body.... 2003 Luxury Grooves - Chumbawamba (Salt fare north sea rmx) .... 2004 Weekend Records, Jeff Bennet - Sing Post Ep, Junior Lopez & Diego Cid Ep.... 2005 Domo Recordings - Diego Cid - Electro Freak Rmx Ep.... 2005 Huron Rec - Junior Lopez Vs Plantec - Joint In the dub Ep .... 2006 Pissed Off - CPM Fuck The sistem Rmx- Bells Ep.... 2006 Pissed Off - Junior Lopez - Inagurated Ep .... 2006 Acktivism Recordings - Plan Tec Mi lado De La Cama Rmx- Tu Lado De La Cama Ep 2006 Acktivism Recordings - Sonodab - Look at Your Feats Rmx - Colacao Breack Ep.... 2006 Acktivism Recordings - Jordi Goberna - Big Brother Mix - Big Papa Ep .... 2006 Acktivism Recordings - Mogi - Pizzalum Mind Delirum Mix - Pizzalum Ep .... 2007 Acktivism Recordings - Dj Herr - U make Me Feel - Debut Ep.... 2007 Acktivism Recordings - Jordi Goberna - Retorica Junior Lopez Rework - Retorica Ep 2009 Acktivism Recordings - Martin N - Sanya Junior Lopez Remix - Sanya Ep Tracks Apears In Copilations: 1999 Alternativa - música de la ciudad 2000 Energy Radio - Clubbing 2002 Luxury Grooves - Mix Session - Luxury Grooves Sessions 2003 Sum Records - Coofe & tea - Verano porteño Dub 2005 Pacha Recordings UK - Perceptions of Pacha Vol. II - Shake It Like 2005 Vale Music - Wally Lopez: I'm Coming To: Paris - Singpost Rmx 2008 Deep Class - Gold.... Next Releases: 2010 Dareck Recordings - In To The Key 2010 Acktivism Recordings - In love EP