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    The Hacienda in Manchester, circa 1988, was a special place; a convergence of post-modern architecture, cutting edge music, out there youth culture, Factory Records (arguably the most influential record label of the decade), the greatest bands for yet more decades to come, including New Order, The Happy Mondays and The Stone Roses, and three DJs that “pissed petrol on the fire” (Anthony.H.Wilson), were busy sound tracking the whole affair with a freshness of attitude that launched many, many clubs and even more DJ’s. You’ve read the books, seen the films, bought the albums, and yes, even worn the T-shirts! A great time was had by all…clearly! One of the Hacienda Three, “perhaps The Hacienda’s most singular resident DJ”, is Jon Dasilva. Fresh to the scene in '87, Dasilva had found DJ inspiration in the House and Disco DJ’s of deepest New York and Chicago, amidst a sea of influences from Bowie to Dub Reggae to Kosmische Musik and beyond... As a DJ, these wide musical tastes and his ability to work so many genres into proper dance floor action also mark Dasilva out as specialist deck-master, taking his cues from the legends that inspired him, the likes of Francois Kevorkian and Ron Hardy. Considered an influence on a whole generation of DJs from Balearic Legend, DJ Moonboots to the ubiquitous star, Sasha, Jon has nevertheless retained a freshness of approach as displayed in his recent DJ mixes where his penchant for the varied shades of techno and house as well as his keen nose for sniffing out the most interesting modern producers have been so clearly evident. A mercurial producer, he has had a string of cutting edge productions to his name spanning over three decades, on labels including Ellum Audio, Rush Hour, Soma, Mute, Deconstruction, Eskimo, and many more. Maceo Plex and Jon Dasilva were recently been awarded Best House Track 2012-13 at The International Dance Awards for Love Somebody Else. (Feat. Joi Cardwell)... He is in the process of finishing a second album with his band The Virgo Mechanically Replayed, alongside new electronic collaborations, which will see the light of day in 2018/19. Also look out for Dasilva’s label Moiré Product …a string of releases due this year after it’s debut with Starmer’s U Got in March this year. His collaboration with Posthuman continues (several I Love Acid Parties in Manchester in 2017/18) with their THIS IS ACID hybrid DJ/Live show (see anthony(at) or bookings(at) for more details) MOONBOOTS (Richard Bithell) On Dasilva "The Hot thing, everyone thinks it was just an acid house night but it wasn't because (Jon) Dasilva at the time was one of the greatest DJs in the world and Dasilva was Balearic...We'd go early doors and Jon would do his warm up and it was fucking outstanding man. He'd play these really weird dubbed out reggae things and sound effects and slow disco things. Jon was incredibly Balearic. I mean no-one would play disco records at the time but Jon would make a disco record sound like a house record. At the time you'd just think that's just another house record but listening back to tapes I've got you think fucking hell, I cant believe he played that in the middle of a house set but he mixed it all in incredibly well. The thing that interested me most wasn't the house stuff but the weird records that pushed me more down that Balearic route. Once I was right at the front of the queue, sat there for an hour and half waiting to get it just so I could hear Dasilva play fucking Summer Rain Fall in the first five minutes, which is this BBC Sound Effects thing, just the sound of rain pouring down. Incredible! " SASHA On Dasilva: “Well Jon to me was the most influential Dj in my career really. He showed me the way. Not only did he give me my first breaks, my first proper, proper breaks, he taught me how to build DJ sets. I used to go and watch him play from 9pm and follow the whole night and listening to the way he crafted his dj sets and his use of a cappella and sound effects was just mind-blowing. He was so ahead of the game. I don’t think there’s another more influential person on my DJing career really.”

    Selected discography

    REMIX WORK Big (Baka) New Fast Automatic Daffodils (Playtime) 27 Forever A Certain Ratio (Rob’s) It's All Outta... Temper Temper (Ten) Push Push Original Rockers (Cake) Talk Much Temper Temper (Ten) Dragging Me Down Inspiral Carpets (Mute) Mahalia Shed 2 (Better Days) Talking With Myself Electribe 101 (DMC) Ain't No Love Sub Sub (Logic) Goodtime Luv Dup (U.F.G) All Funked Up Mother (DMC) Two Fatt Guitars Direckt (DMC) Hey! Mr DJ Screen 2 (Cleveland City) The Fox A Certain Ratio (Creation) Respect Sub Sub (Rob’s) Shack Up A Certain Ratio (Creation) You're Gonna Make Me... Colorblind (Ore/EMI) Alright B.O.P (Cleveland City) Boiling Point Chicken Lips (DMC) Renaissance M People (Deconstruction) Death Disco Arbeidt Adelt ( ORIGINAL RELEASES Soul on Ice Disco Universe Orchestra (Better Days) Sing It / Space Disco Universe Orchestra (Better Days) Feel A Lot / Jack Me Disco Universe Orchestra (Consolidated) Love Rush Diskonexion (Submission) She Ideal (Eastern Bloc) Hot Ideal (Cleveland City) Don't Need Her Ideal (Cleveland City) Wave of Love Vocoda (Cleveland City) Gun EP Hallelujah (Rob’s Records) Something Wonderful EP Liebezeit (Soma) Cluster Liebezeit ( Bowie in the Bronx TVMR (Perspex) Love Is All We Need Jon Dasilva feat. Donald Waugh (Rush Hour) Love Somebody Else Maceo Plex and Jon Dasilva (Ellum) Music From The Endless Summer EP Jon Dasilva (Sprechen) Maresme Jon Dasilva and Jozef K (LNOE)