• Path approaches of music at an early age: at 6 years by a music school: in this place more than 10 years learning (studying violin and piano) who then become the foundations of his vast musical culture, ranging from very classical to those kinds advanced
    ... Path approaches the world of music at an early age: at age 6 is written by parents for a music school, and in this place for ten long years academic learning (through the study, but two musical instruments, violin and piano , and passing examinations at the Conservatory) who then become the foundations of his vast musical culture, ranging from very classical to those kinds advanced. At the age of 14 years approaches the world of dance music, driven by his brother Valentiniano in local fashion in Milan early 90s. From there Path born for a meeting with the music ballad, which eventually evolved continuously to create an indissoluble partnership between the artist and his beloved genre. "Spin the disc as making love"so facetiously expressed about it. Once he put the turntables in the house can finally give the name of DJ. His first performances since 1996 at the historic local "Illyria" in Bergamo, temple of electronic music of that period. In 1997 starts to Dj Jeppo one of the longest relationships of his career: he started playing at the "Cream" of Milan, a situation which will then house the origins of one of the most famous clubs of the period, "THE BASE" by Alberto and Marcella, who will move from its console caliber international Djs like Carl Cox, Francois Kevorkian, Eric Morillo, Roger Sanchez, Dj Disciple, Ricky Montanari, Ralf, Alex Neri, Lorenzo LSP, Flavio Vecchi, Massimino Lippoli to many many other famous names . In those years Jeppo alternates between console Fiorenudo of Bergamo and Limbo of Novara. Since 1999 Jeppo is resident in "Colazione da Tiffay" historical tea dance for several years traveling throughout depopulated Italy and will stay until 2003, the year of closure of the project @ The Base Point East. Over the years, comes in contact with major international DJs and salt to the console of the prestigious clubs throughout Italy: DE SADE, FLUID, ECHOES, COCORICO’, PRINCE, E.C.U., MAZOOM / LE PLAISIR, MATIS, MANEGGIO, CAFÉ SOLAIRE, AMNESIA MILANO, ROLLING STONE, HOLLYWOOD, OLD FASHION MI, MATRIX @ LIVE, NEW YORK BAR, CAFE ATLANTIQUE, MIU 'J'ADORE, PUNTA DELL’EST, etc.. Since 2004, he joined the "family Pervert" becoming a resident of "The Light", Red Light Saturday night in Milan, then" ELECTRO:PUNK " and still later became" GROOVE "(as a result of its partnership with the creators of" LA MESSA") evening peak of European club scene from which dj console are passed as Marco Carola, Steve Lawler, Boys Noize, Chris Liebing, Pascal Feos, Sasha, Peace Division, and many others. Dj Jeppo also participated in major national events as "MEGALOPOLIS" and "MUSIC IN THE WORLD" one night that saw alternating personalities like Dave Morales, Tony Humpries, Satoshi Tomie, Frankie Knuckles, Danny Rampling, DJ Disciple and is currently resident of "PEACE & LOVE", an event which has become famous for traveling Milan hosted by top international artists, but also a resident of the "TRINITY", an event to each and every episode draws thousands of young people. Residence confirmed also in view of the much REOPENING on Saturday of "AMNESIA MILANO, prestigious location that has recently hosted all the top DJs worldwide, from Sven Vath to Tiësto, and is distinct from all the rooms for a sound system the best in Europe and to offer cutting-edge artists who perform in live and / or suggesting djset with innovative sounds. In the beginning he wanted to call himself “a purist of the HouseMusic”, but over the years he has grown increasingly interest in electronic sounds, but while approaching promptly complete acoustic sounds to make what he calls a "container of dance music" has undergone since the early nineties. It 'very attentive to the evolving sound and technique of djing that are characterizing the current international scene: the fact his sets always contain insertions of several sub-genres (tech house - minimal - deep tech - techno) but fused with mastery and a feeling for the dancefloor unique. It is rumored that some time is found frequently in the studio to create a concept album that encompasses all its know-how sull'house and various electronic influences: Actually he usually plays at TOO LONG, famous after party on sunday morning in Milan, Nothern Italy * * * * *