• I try to do good music... I play records some times...& i'm disgusted by the today's music scenario.......that's all
    Since he was a kid, Groovik begins to be attracted by the Detroit Techno and by the House music that brought him to discover the world of Deejaying. He worked in local radios and began to express his musical style. Further on, he got attracted by the production world,and with the passing of the time , he fell in love with it. "The disc is the artist's speech, it's a priceless sensation when I see that the people appreciate my work!" Groovik begins the search for innovative rhythms and melodies, The Groovik's main intent is to create something different from the standards!. He continued to search innovative sounds and he took inspiration from the eastern cultures. The Deejaying became the reason of his life, he defines himself: "A boy that lives for his dream!". In 2009 he joined the crew of Smiley Fingers Records, and thanks to this label he began to put on the market his first releases, to give to his work the deserved visibility he was looking for. Meanwhile, he began to travel around Europe, to spread his musical speech. In 2010, he realized his dream and founded his label: Freaky Vibes! Thanks to this label he began to see the first results of his hard work! His tracks appeared for the first time on the top 100's charts, and he obtained the support by many top djs for his works. After that many labels and artist begins to contact him for his tracks and remixes!!!. Proud for that ,Groovik countinues his research for an innovative product. His main intent is to give a touch of diversity to the music scenario!.