• Glitch is the DJ and producer duo of Dan Nigrin & Bump Stadelman. They are also co-founders of the Defective Records label based in Baltimore, USA.
    Veterans of the electronic dance music scene, their debut EP was released in 1991 on legendary R&S Records of Belgium. They subsequently produced a steady stream of music, working with some of the most respected names in techno - Pete “Namlook” Kuhlmann (Fax Records), Richie Hawtin (+8 Records), and Lenny Dee (Industrial Strength Records), among others. In addition to a continuing series of highly regarded EPs on those labels, the band also released two full length albums, the first on Fax Records, and the followup on the duo's own label which they co-founded in 1994, Defective Records. One of Glitch’s hallmarks has been its musical diversity – tracks can range from hardcore to ambient, all on the same release. One need only realize the vast difference between labels like Fax and Industrial Strength, both of which Glitch has recorded for, to see proof of that diversity.

    Selected discography

    Glitch - R&S Records, 1991 Brain Circuit Surgery (w/ Richie Hawtin remix) - Industrial Strength Records, 1992 Format Error - Radikal Records, 1992 Trauma (w/ Lenny Dee) - Industrial Strength Records, 1993 Inertia - Fax Records, 1993 If...Then - Defective Records, 1994 Out Of Sync - Defective Records, 1994 Schizophonic - Defective Records, 1995 House Call - Defective Records, 1996