Franco Cangelli



  • Dj and producer from Belgium
    Franco Cangelli has been at it since 1998. Something that started with a "maybe" and a "what if" resulted in releasing over 15 ep's, running three vinyl labels and dj-ing in various corners of Europe, all this without too much fanfare. He released various records under his own name and under the moniker Searle. He started Aesthetic Records in 2005 with Dj Akî, which ended in 2008. In the same year he started Mowar to provide a platform for deeper techno, an adventure that lasted for 14 ep's of himself and other artists such as Lee Holman, Roberto Bosco, Aubrey, Ozka… He co-founded the sublabel Nowar with Dj Akî, a deep house project releasing Duijn & Douglas, Hakim Murphy, Leonid Nevermind and Florian Muller. ( Next to producing, he's also a versatile dj playing techno, house and electro in all its shades and colours, with a slight preference for the deep and the mental. He also has a soft spot for old 80's funk and disco records…

    Selected discography