Fernando Lagreca



  • Electronic Music Producer from Barcelona
    Fernando Lagreca is one of those persons who kept an integrity and personality for an entire life… his music too. Year after year this Uruguayan of heart (it is based since 2002 in Barcelona, Spain) has managed to capture album by album, his particular passion by full electronic -but organic- sounds. His compositions are a wide palette of tempting sounds. To name a few characteristics: sharpness in the melodies, warbled beauty, modernity vs classic… Every song is a feeling.

    Selected discography

    Eps 2017 - Orchidea - Solar Distance 2017 - Imperfections Side - Beautiful Accident 2016 - Burma Ep - Kassiopeia Kollektive 2016 - Brooklyn Ep - Black Bouwie Records 2016 - I Hear Voices Ep - Envy Music 2016 - A Place Ep - Musex Industries Albums 2014 - Control - Irregular 2012 - Childhood Is All We Have - Irregular 2010 - Cool Hunter - Greknoise